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Make a Mark

Make your mark on creative learning for THEMUSEUM's MakerSpace launching this fall! Help kids to prepare for their future careers while increasing your brand visibility through this unique graffiti-style sticker marketing opportunity!

Exciting news! THEMUSEUM's Underground Studio is getting off the ground. It's a MakerSpace that offers a hands-on learning environment for children and youth to explore the fields of S.T.E.M (science, technology, engineering, and math) and tinker, hack, build, design, imagine and create!

We need your help to cover the cost of a laptop for our Underground Studio. You can help set kids up for success in their future careers by giving them the opportunity to code, use computer-aided design, prototype circuits and explore their imaginations.

For $500 you'll have the opportunity to feature your logo sticker on all 30 of our studio laptops! At the same time, you'll help cover the cost of a laptop used for one of the most innovative programs in the city!

Sign up now and you will:

  • Benefit from 3-4 years of continuous marketing (or the life of the machine)
  • Gain ample visibility in 5 of the Underground Studio's program streams. Our new MakerSpace expects to bring in an impressive student enrollment of 15 000 over the first three years!
  • Raise your profile within the wider community through offsite events where laptops will be used for the promotion of The Underground Studio MakerSpace.

Contact for details.

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