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Special Exhibitions

Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters

Programs available from September 10, 2016 to February 17, 2017
Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters gives students the opportunity to explore the causes, effects, and social impact of the most powerful natural disasters on our planet. Students will experience the effects of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and twisters through interactive experiences, hands-on displays, and artifacts. 
Still Standing: Building for Natural Disasters
Grade 3 and 5 
Calling all builders! Learn about the impact natural disasters have on our buildings and structures while exploring the exhibition. Then, take on the challenge of creating structures strong enough to withstand the effects of these disasters. See which ones will stay standing and which ones will come crumbling down. 
Program Length - 60 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Science and Technology 
Surviving Nature Unleashed
Grades 7-12
Explore the impact of Mother Nature on our planet and society. Students will participate in a unique game that demonstrates how communities around the world cope with the devastation caused by natural disasters. Immerse your students in this program and find out if your city can survive Nature Unleashed!
Program Length - 90 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Geography 
Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters Guided Tour
Grade 1-12 
Explore the devastation and the science behind these natural disasters through a tour led by one of our informative interpreters. 
Program Length - 30 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Science and Technology, Geography


QUANTUM: The Exhibition

Programs available from October 14, 2016 to December 23, 2016
QUANTUM: The Exhibition examines Canada's expanding role in the development of this revolutionary technology through engaging interactives and visuals. By relating quantum concepts to traditional science and by using creative examples, this exhibition makes quantum mechanics exciting for all ages and backgrounds. 
The Qualities of Quantum 
Grade 7 and 8
Explore how our country is becoming a leader in this new technology and what it means for technologies of the future. Relate the complex quantum principles to scientific concepts previously explored in the classroom through problem solving activities before touring the exhibition itself. 
Program Length - 75 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Science and Technology and Mathematics
The Spies of Quantum
Grade 11 and 12
Alice and Bob have a secret that they don't want Eve to know. In this program students learn about detecting hackers with quantum cryptography by using concepts such as waves, polarization and probability. Through demonstrations involving lasers and polarization we learn how this new technology can help us send sensitive messages that can't be hacked.
Program Length - 95 minutes
Curriculum Connections: Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science 
QUANTUM: The Exhibition Guided Tours 
Have your class explore the possibilities of the future of quantum through a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable interpreters. 
Program Length - 30 minutes
Quantum Day | Tuesday,  November 29, 2016
Grades 9-12
Students explore the concepts of quantum information technology and catch a glimpse at how Canada plays a major role in the future of these technologies. Students interact with the exhibition, experiments and real life physicists to learn about these complex concepts and to see how they can have a role in this bright future.
Curriculum Connections: 2 Science, Math and Computer Science 


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