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A message from our CEO: A Response and Apology to the Indigenous Community Regarding the SAVE_Mirror Installation

Posted on: September 21, 2020 by THEMUSEUM

It has come to our attention that we owe our community a public apology. It was pointed out that in the SAVE_Mirror art work, an installation that is a part of our ALARM | Responding to our Climate Emergency exhibition, an offensive phrase was used. When The Mirror was first installed we discussed this phrase with the artist in New York. He assured us that it would be addressed and we thanked him.

We continued to install the other installations in the exhibition thinking this had been corrected and with more than 550 phrases cycling randomly as a part of the art work we did not see it again. We should have checked and we sincerely apologize.

The Mirror will not be in use again until we confirm that this phrase has been removed.

Thank you all for speaking up, it is really important to us that we provide an inclusive environment for all of our communities and we appreciate an open dialogue!

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