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Dialogues & Workshops

THEMUSEUM, which has built a reputation on provoking conversation with its relevant and often controversial exhibitions, present dynamic dialogues on select Wednesdays during the year.

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55 & Better Dialogues

Join us at THEMUSEUM for our 55 & Better Programming for a weekly program at 1:30 pm. THEMUSEUM will offer free admission to individuals 55+ each Thursday until March 2020.

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Past Dialogues

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Water is Life: Indigenous Voices
Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 7pm

Indigenous Peoples are on the front lines of water-related environmental stress, especially in the face of climate change. They also have much to teach the rest of the world about how to respect and care for water. The panel brings together Indigenous perspectives on water stewardship, justice and governance.

Ideas To Shape The Future: Fighting Climate Change
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 7pm

Join us for an evening hosted by the University of Waterloo’s Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change (IC3) and Water Institute. One hour, seven topics, seven speakers, with seven minutes each. Leading experts from both institutes will share their knowledge and ideas on how climate change can be addressed at the individual, community, and global levels.                              

List of Speakers:
Luna Khirfan, Associate Professor, School of Planning
Kirsten Müller, Professor, Biology
Rebecca Saari, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kelly Skinner, Assistant Professor, School of Public Health and Health Systems
Marek Stastna, Professor, Applied Mathematics
Imre Szeman, Professor, Communication Arts
Jason Thistlethwaite, Associate Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

OBIT Film Screening Featuring Valerie Hill
Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 7pm

THEMUSEUM invites you for a screening of OBIT, a highly acclaimed documentary about The New York Times team of gifted obituary writers. Get an inside look on the care that goes into telling someone’s story after they have passed. THEMUSEUM’s David Marskell will begin the evening by interviewing The Record’s own Lifetimes writer Valerie Hill as part of the evening.


Tattoo as Connection to the Dead
Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7pm 

What do tattoos and séances have in common? They can both be connections to someone who has died. This presentation showcases tattoos that honour a person and tells the stories that go along with the images.

Susan Cadell is a social work researcher and Professor in the School of Social Work at Renison University College at the University of Waterloo, in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Susan’s teaching and research concerns death, dying and bereavement, particularly positive outcomes of caregiving and grief. Susan’s most recent projects concern the public health model of grief, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and memorial tattoos.

A Glimpse into Spiritualism with The First Spiritualist Church of Galt

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The First Spiritualist Church of Galt has been in the Region of Waterloo for over 60 years and is now located in what used to be the Hespeler area of Cambridge.

Join us Wed. Nov. 13th at 7pm or 8pm for a glimpse into Spiritualism.

Each 1 hour event will include a brief overview of Spiritualism, an opportunity for participants to take a stool to receive spiritual natural healing energy, and spirit messages will be given to a few people in attendance.

For more information about the church, times of services and upcoming events, visit their website.

Shadows on the Wall, Voices from Nowhere: Technology and the Spirit World

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Death and grief are universal and it is so difficult to let go. We yearn for comfort.                                     

Beneath civilized facades and high society manners, a gothic fascination with the spirit world, ghost stories and all things unexplainable drives many in search of proof that life continues beyond the grave. Seeking solace, psychic mediums offer a means to contact the dead but is it real? Where is the “proof?” Perhaps its right before your eyes (and ears).

Join us as historian Joanna Rickert-Hall takes us on a journey into the dark and spooky world of séance technology and spirit photography.

The Ghost of Thomas Lacey Podcast Listening Party

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 7pm 

Come hear The Ghost of Thomas Lacey Podcast at THEMUSEUM on October 2nd, 2019. The project explores séances conducted in 1960s Kitchener by the mysterious medium, Mr. Thomas Lacey. Join us to listen to the podcast, and participate in a Q&A with the creators.

Moving Borders: Crossings, left overs, hospitality

June 8, 2019

In this talk, Tarlan discusses the impetus behind the photos with the arrival of some 3.7 million Syrians in Turkey, many who have passed through and/or settled in Gaziantep, a city in Turkey on the border of Syria. Tarlan’s photos bear witness to the effort of Syrian people to escape, their agency and their (universal) right to move.

Menstrual Hygiene Day Panel at THEMUSEUM

Join us in recognition of Menstrual Hygiene Day for a panel discussion exploring menstrual equity, period poverty and menstrual hygiene management – both locally and on a global scale

This panel is supported by Diva International Inc., maker of DivaCup!

Panellists Include:

  •       Sarah Chun a Thames Valley District School Board student who was instrumental in assisting with getting free menstrual care products in schools.
  •       Malindi Ayienga from Diva Day
  •       Stacey Jacobs from SHORE
  •       Kate Elliott from The Period Purse Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge

Monday Bloody Monday: Carrie

May 27, 2019

In support of FLOW, The Apollo will be screening Carrie as their Monday Bloody Monday event for May. Receive a discounted admission of just $6 for the evening’s screening if you donate a menstrual care product. Regular priced admission for tickets is $12.

The FLOW Dialogues: Menstrual Wellness + You

May 26, 2019

Our May session will focus on menstrual conditions and aims to provide youth and their guardians with information about what to look for, when to seek medical help and how to communicate with medical professionals if they’re concerned with their menstrual cycle. The panellists will also share management strategies for symptoms and pain and suggest ways to support their mental health.

The FLOW Dialogues: Menstruation: More Than Just Periods

May 15, 2019

Male Allies and SHORE Centre, in partnership with THEMUSEUM, invite you to join a special tour of the FLOW exhibit, followed by an open, non-judgmental, group discussion. We will talk about what it means to combat period stigma, support reproductive justice and how we can learn more about menstruation to support our family members, and peers. This event is aimed at those who don’t menstruate, but everyone is welcome.

The FLOW Dialogues: Menopause: Beyond the Hot Flash

May 8, 2019

Teresa Isabel Dias joins us for an evening of informative discussion surrounding Menopause. Most people associate hot flashes with Menopause but, in reality, there is so much more that comes along with The Change. Teresa, who is a register pharmacist with over twenty years of experience, will discuss what is to be expected as we age and how to prepare for physical, emotional, and cognitive changes that take place during this transitional period of a woman’s life.

Endo What? Film Screening

April 24, 2019

As part of FLOW | The Menstruation Exhibition, THEMUSEUM will be screening Endo What?

About the film:
Endometriosis or “endo” is the most common, devastating disease that most people have never heard of. It affects 1 in 10 girls and women. That’s approximately 176,000,000 people on the planet.

Despite its prevalence, women see an average of 8 doctors for 10 years before diagnosis. During that time, many are forced to miss school, leave careers they love, abandon dreams of having children and watch their personal relationships suffer. They’re often told incorrectly by doctors that pregnancy & hysterectomy are cures and that pain is normal or in their heads. After diagnosis, they’re usually prescribed an array of drugs & undergo multiple, ineffective surgeries. It’s time to break that cycle. It’s time for a new normal that doesn’t mean multiple doctors, drugs, surgeries, misdiagnoses and years of pain. The only film of its kind, Endo What? gives an accurate, up-to-date base of knowledge straight from the experts. It’s a film to educate & put power where it belongs – in the hands of girls & women.

Explore the exhibition prior to or after the film.

My Developing Brain: Puberty Panel

April 14, 2019

Our April session will focus on estrogen (and other sex steroids) and the brain. The session’s goal is to provide families with relevant and up-to-date information about the influences of sex steroids on the developing brain and to provide them with strategies to manage hormonal changes in children’s emotional and mental landscapes. The panel would provide a connection between FLOW and our current science exhibition Brain: The World Inside Your Head.

Please consider supporting the FLOW Dialogues by bringing a menstrual care product donation.

An Evening of Menstrual Manifestos

April 10, 2019

Join THEMUSEUM for an evening of performances from local spoken word artists and poets. The evening will begin with some local poets and then conclude with a performance of Leak by Tavia Christina.

Leak: A new solo created by Tavia Christina will be premiering this spring at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, Ontario. Christina will explore the topography of Women’s menstruation cycles. She will be cycling through a physical score that will showcase the integral balance between normality and abnormality, ultimately transforming the perception of how we conceptualize a period.

Poets performing:
Tanis MacDonald 
Katie McGarry
Heather Majaury
Nitica Sakharwade

Catherine Kormendy will also be featured performing an interpretive dance inspired by menstruation. 

Please consider supporting the FLOW Dialogues by bringing a menstrual care product donation.

The Neuroscience of Groove

February 20, 2019

The fourth instalment in the Brain Dialogue Series is all about music! Music has a long history that is richly associated with movement. Mothers sing while rocking their infants, marching bands step together while they play, and concert-goers bop and sway with the music and one-another. Music can even create a desire to move that is often irresistible. This quality of music—*groove*—makes listening both enjoyable and motivating. What is it about music that makes us want to move? What happens in the brain when we feel the urge tap our feet?

Gabe Nespoli received his Ph.D. from Ryerson University in 2018, studying neuroscience, music, and groove.

Learn How Your Brain Really Works, and How to Use it to Enrich Your Life

January 9, 2019

Learn how your brains really work, and how this knowledge can best be used to improve almost every aspect of life! Jake Robinet explains what tangible things we can do every day to drastically improve our ability and well-being.

Jake Robinet is the owner and operator of Open Mind brain training, which provides NeurOptimal® neurofeedback sessions and has a background in kinesiology, nutrition and certified personal training.

Traumatic Brain Injury 101: Understanding the Basics and How to Help

December 5, 2018

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), is a leading cause of disability in Canada and is more prevalent than breast cancer, spinal cord injury, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis combined. Despite its prevalence, a lack of knowledge and understanding of TBI often leads to misdiagnosis and inadequate support. This results in higher rates of mental illness, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. Lin Haag, a PhD student at Wilfrid Laurier University, hopes to raise awareness by helping people understand the cause of TBI, how it can be identified and what the road to recovery looks like, including the unique challenges experienced by girls, women and people in vulnerable positions.

Building a Resilient Mind

November 7, 2018

The Brain Dialogues and Workshops series begins with Ben Fanelli, an ex-Ontario Hockey League captain, brain injury survivor, philanthropist, and podcast host. Ben will share his story: he woke up in the hospital, was told his brain was bleeding and that he was lucky to be alive. His long and inspirational journey to recovery has made him who he is today. Through anecdotes, research, and behavioural concepts, Ben will outline how Stoicism and Buddhism helped him build a resilient mind.

A Cultural Exchange 7.0

October 3, 2018

A Cultural Exchange 7.0 will be held in the atrium on Wednesday, October 3 at 6:45pm. Local candidates from Wards 9 and 10, as well as those running for Regional Chair and Kitchener Mayor, have been invited to discuss how best to support the local arts and culture scene.

INTERACTION Dialogue: Learning Through Play

May 9, 2018

Get involved with four experts in digital media and game studies as the discussion covers the cultural, educational, social and political role of games and gameplay in our lives. Topics include digital literacy skills, creating and playing games critically, and learning through play. Presented in partnership with UWaterloo Games Institute.

INTERACTION Dialogue: Meet the Curator with Jane Tingley

February 7, 2017

Join us with the co-curator of INTERACTION, Jane Tingley, as she walks us through the creative process of developing an interactive art exhibition. Explore her personal experience, and get an inside look at the exhibition as she walks us through the show.

MANN: A Short Film by Kyle Sawyer and Director Q&A

The Model Citizens Dialogues will consist of speakers, panels and films to complement these two contemporary exhibitions that aim to engage the community in a discussion around the impact of technology on our shared social experiences, including a screening of the short film, Mann, followed by a Q&A with Kyle Sawyer, the film’s director.

Life Asks™ Community Pop-Up Conversations

What stories can we tell each other that will make a difference to the way we live, work, do business, launch innovative projects, and interact together in community? And how can we make these stories go viral? Join us for a Pop-Up on Community Conversations.

#MeTooIsntEnough: A Part of The Model Citizens Dialogue Series

Moderated by Julie Barker-Merz, Community leader in support of women in business and gender parity. Hashtags are easy, cultural change is hard. What concrete actions can bring gender equality to our region? 

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