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Dialogues & Workshops

THEMUSEUM, which has built a reputation on provoking conversation with its relevant and often controversial exhibitions, present dynamic dialogues on select Wednesdays during the year.

The upcoming dialogues are Pay What You Can (PWYC), with a suggested donation of $10.

Upcoming Dialogues

INTERACTION Dialogues: Navigating a Landscape of ‘Data Shadows’ with Peter Johnson

March 7, 2018

In a world of connected streams of real-time data, new ways of representing the world around us have emerged. Join us with University of Waterloo Associate Professor of Geography, Peter Johnson, as he discusses Francois Quevillon’s Dérive, an interactive work that uses open environmental data sources to create real-time 3D representations of urban and rural areas around the globe.


INTERACTION Dialogue: Doing it in Public: Sound, Technology, and the Interactive City with Jessica Thompson

April 11, 2018

Since the invention of the transistor radio, people have used mobile technologies to create privacy within the public spaces of urban environments. Devices such as iPods and mobile phones enable us to control social interactions in shared spaces — earbuds signal to others that we are listening to music, even when nothing is playing, and moments of social awkwardness can be alleviated by text messages, games and social networks. While it is easy to blame our devices for disconnecting us from the sights and sounds of everyday life, the connections and interactions made possible through pervasive computing enable us to transform our experience of urban life.   

In her presentation, Jessica Thompson will discuss this project and how interactive artworks provide new modes of engagement in, with and through the places where we live, work and play.


INTERACTION Dialogue: Learning Through Play

May 9, 2018

Games, Education, and Media Literacy presented in partnership with UWaterloo Games Institute

Join a panel of four experts in digital media and game studies as they discuss the cultural, educational, social, and political role of games and gameplay in our lives. Topics will include digital literacy skills, creating and playing games critically, and learning through play.


Past Dialogues

INTERACTION Dialogue: Meet the Curator with Jane Tingley

February 7, 2017

Join us with the co-curator of INTERACTION, Jane Tingley, as she walks us through the creative process of developing an interactive art exhibition. Explore her personal experience, and get an inside look at the exhibition as she walks us through the show.


MANN: A Short Film by Kyle Sawyer and Director Q&A

The Model Citizens Dialogues will consist of speakers, panels and films to complement these two contemporary exhibitions that aim to engage the community in a discussion around the impact of technology on our shared social experiences, including a screening of the short film, Mann, followed by a Q&A with Kyle Sawyer, the film’s director.


Life Asks™ Community Pop-Up Conversations

What stories can we tell each other that will make a difference to the way we live, work, do business, launch innovative projects, and interact together in community? And how can we make these stories go viral? Join us for a Pop-Up on Community Conversations.


#MeTooIsntEnough: A Part of The Model Citizens Dialogue Series

Moderated by Julie Barker-Merz, Community leader in support of women in business and gender parity. Hashtags are easy, cultural change is hard. What concrete actions can bring gender equality to our region? 


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