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55 & Better: Dialogue – When the Dead Talk: What Can We Learn From Cemeteries?

When the Dead Talk: What Can We Learn From Cemeteries?

Cemeteries: We pass them every day without a second thought and yet, cemeteries are more than just a final resting place for the dearly departed.

For researchers, cemeteries hold the keys to the forgotten past in a way that written records may not. Here lie secrets awaiting discovery. Names, dates or even a poem—dedicated to the forgotten, beloved or infamous dead—some of whom may even be related to us!

Waterloo Region’s cemeteries are full of stories—some well-known and others not. Some graves are well visited, sensationalized through tourism or ghost walks while others, like silent sentinels, await the curious traveller in search of genealogical truth. Some graves have been moved as development encroached upon their quiet repose while others have disappeared completely.

Join us to learn more about the region’s cemetery oddities, secrets and histories as the dead really do tell tales.
Presented by: Joanna Rickert-Hall


When: Thursday, October 10th at 1:30pm to 3:00pm