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55 & Better: Our Water is Sacred

Today we celebrate World Water Day. There is a lot to celebrate, but still much to be concerned about. For people in Waterloo Region, a clean, safe supply of water is something that we take for granted, but for many places in the world this is becoming something that can’t be taken for granted. This talk, presented by Bob Burtt, will focus on the state of the global water supply and contrast that with the situation in Waterloo Region, an area known to have experienced problems of its own.

About Bob Burtt

Bob Burtt worked as a reporter and editor on daily and community newspapers in Ontario for more than forty years, ending his career with a twenty-four year stint at the Waterloo Region Record in Kitchener where he focussed on environmental stories.

He has authored and published three books. No Guardians At The Gate, a story about the Elmira Water Crisis, was published in 2014. It was followed by rare Moments in Time in 2018 and Water Our Sacred Trust in 2022. During his time at The Record, Burtt had a front row seat during some trying times for the region. He wrote many stories about water, some about problems with supply and contamination, some about the fight over plans to have a pipeline from Lake Erie constructed and others about the region’s role as an innovator. He continues to be interested in the challenges that Waterloo Region faces and how those challenges will eventually be resolved.