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Code Club CanadaKids Code Jeunesse, and THEMUSEUMinvite kids aged 10 to 14 years old to participate in a free Python Sense-HAT workshop! This is the first year that Canada has been invited by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the European Space Agency to join Astro-Pi! Be one of the first Canadian children to have your code in space! Your coding project will contribute to the daily routine of the International Space Station by measuring the ambient air temperature displaying your own personal message on the Astro Pi. By following the basic rules, every team that submits their project is guaranteed to have their code run in space for 30 seconds!

To join this great event kids have to work in teams of 2 kids, no one can work alone so bring a friend! Parents must register two kids per ticket and bring proof of registration to the event. Parents do not require a ticket to enter the workshop. This workshop will be open to 10 teams in total. Each team has to complete their project by the end of the workshop for submission to Astro-Pi. Space is limited, so register early, and mark your calendar!

Please note: We are hosting this event as a free workshop, with a qualified KCJ Instructor. Please do not take a spot if you are not committed 100% to attending. We are working hard to make this event a success and we need your help, so if you cannot attend please let us know as there will be a long waiting list. We encourage all parents to stay for this workshop.

There is no required equipment to attend. THEMUSEUM will provide computers for all the teams, as the project work will be online with a Sense HAT emulator in Trinket.

Every participant will receive a certificate with the time and date their code was executed. Certificates will start being sent out in February 2018.

The European Astro Pi Challenge is a project by the ESA Education Office, in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, offering primary and secondary school students the amazing opportunity to run scientific investigations on the International Space Station (ISS) by means of computer coding.