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Open Sunday - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cosmic Fishing Theatre presents DiSCoVeR: The World Around You

Nature and adventure made up of household objects that come to life, framed with lo-fi puppetry special effects. This event is best for children ages 2-4.

Accessibility is considered at the forefront of this project. Admission is FREE and event registration is available directly through Eventbrite.

Register for September 12
Register for September 19 

Time: September 12 and 19, 2021 at 11:00 am EST

About the project

DiSCoVeR is an experimental theatre project specially designed for a very young audience (children 1-6 years) and their caregivers to enjoy— together. There are THREE performances, each inspired by specific age groupings, featuring puppetry and object theatre. 

DiSCoVeR has been developed during Cosmic Fishing Theatre’s artistic residency at THEMUSEUM in 2020/2021. 

What to expect

These performances will be presented safely over a closed Zoom meeting (without streaming to other platforms) and can be attended from the comfort of your own home. 

Each event is 25 minutes long and includes puppetry improvisations, a main performance, and a short interactive audience feedback session. Although we have age recommendations per event, caregivers can choose which performance their child attends (regardless of age). You are also more than welcome to experience all three presentations. 

What is theatre for early years?

We make sure to take our children to museums, forests, libraries, playgrounds, and swimming so they can explore the world around them and discover how they can interact with others, themselves, and their environments. What about theatre performance? 

Theatre for early years offers an extraordinary experience for young children to have fun, while sparking fresh connections in the brain that stimulate the child’s creative thinking and feeling. Parents and caregivers can re-discover the world through the child’s eyes in a totally new way. Cosmic Fishing Theatre is thrilled to offer children whole worlds to discover— ones that mirror their own, while also revealing new possibilities for play. 


This project has been financially supported by Ontario Arts Council, Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, Pat the Dog’s Microgrants Pilot Program for Waterloo Region Artists, and MT Space’s IMPACT21 Festival.   

Special Thanks and Acknowledgement

THEMUSEUM, The Registry Theatre, WeeFestival, Crane Creations Theatre Company and Bridges Festival, Inter Arts Matrix, Pat the Dog Theatre Creation, Puppetmongers Theatre, MT Space and IMPACT21 International Theatre Festival.   

About the Company

Cosmic Fishing Theatre (@cosmicfishing) is a project-based theatre company based out of Waterloo Region, Ontario. We stage plays for adults, young audiences, and very young audiences. The name, Cosmic Fishing, is our metaphor for intuition as a source of creative knowledge. Our mission is to amplify women’s artistic voices in professional experimental theatre and beyond. We draw on multiple cultural influences to create evocative, relevant, and exciting performances.