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The UNZIPPED Dialogues | Flappers to Rappers – a century of fashion, music, and teenage culture: 1920 – 2020

When radio began beaming into people’s homes, the new genre of popular music especially appealed to teenagers. They abandoned the petticoats and waltzes of their parent’s generation for short frocks and jazz music – the image of the flapper and her collegiate boyfriend was born! This was the beginning of a century of novel dance crazes, fashion fads, and music styles that continue to this day. 

Jonathan Walford has spent his life searching out the history of fashion. He began collecting antique and vintage clothing as a teenager and has worked in the museum field since 1977. Before founding the Fashion History Museum with his partner Kenn Norman in 2004, he was the founding curator of the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. He has authored six books on various histories of fashion and curated over fifty exhibitions on various fashion themes.
Time: Wednesday, February 9 at 7pm