The Rolling Stones | UNZIPPED is now open at THEMUSEUM! 


We're currently open.Open Today 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Urban Art Lab

During a community meeting at THEMUSEUM in November, one of the many suggestions from the community was about a lapse in networking opportunities as an industry. As a response, Terre Chartrand and David Marskell assembled as a team to open up more possibilities.

In these evenings we will talk about civic issues, and arts and culture industry, but in a playful way. It is about gathering, but it is also about moving forward as a community connecting to each other and the region in which we live. There will also be an open mic for the last hour of these gatherings – details are below. This is a night of cheap drinks as well with several beers and wine available at $5. The B also has a comprehensive list of tea and makes a mean Americano. Washrooms at the B are non-gendered. There are two with locking doors. The space is mostly accessible.

Join on us on February 27th, with the next event on March 27th.

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