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From the artist, Trevor Clare

My artistic journey is a story of transformation, from a practical view of visual art to a more personal expression of what matters most to me. I initially gravitated towards oil and acrylic painting, honing my skills but lacking a true connection to my work.

A hiatus from the art world led me to rediscover the transformative power of artistic expression during a mental health crisis. I found solace in painting places that held personal and communal memories. These pieces embody “neo-nostalgia,” fusing tradition with modernity, combining classic subject matter with a contemporary digital medium. My work seeks to immortalize pieces of personal nostalgia and communal history, capturing places where I found joy—places where I had laughed and made memories with friends.

This collection of digital paintings celebrates the power of nostalgia and community, weaving a tapestry of memories and stories. It invites you to cherish and explore Kitchener-Waterloo, connecting with the emotions and experiences that these places evoke. Each piece holds a unique narrative, bridging the past and the present. Thank you for joining me on this remarkable artistic journey.

About Trevor

Trevor Clare, a visionary artist from Kitchener, Ontario, finds inspiration in local hidden gems and landmarks, infusing techniques from traditional oils and acrylics into contemporary digital art. His distinctive style blends rapid brushwork with expressionist and digital techniques. Trevor’s art evokes a sense of “neo-nostalgia” through vibrant colors and masterful use of light, creating captivating moods and atmospheres that tell compelling stories. In an ever-changing world, Trevor aims to provide a nostalgic space for reconnecting with the past and finding solace in cherished memories, inviting you to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of bygone days.


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