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Welcome the thrilling world of extreme sports!

During your visit, you’ll be challenged to jump, fly, dive and climb while exploring some of the riskiest activities in the world. From training to perseverance, learn all about what drives these fierce and fiery athletes!

Beyond Human Limits will immerse you in a variety of exciting sports in their natural environments.

Seven Spine-Tingling Zones to Explore!

Zone 1 – Extreme Sports 101: Learn why these sports are considered extreme and dive right into the action by testing your balance by walking a slackline! (No worries, it’s stretched along the floor.)

Zone 2 – Body and Mind: Learn about the potential consequences of practising extreme sports and test your first-aid knowledge. Take part in surveys, activities and quizzes that will teach you new things about extreme sports… and about yourself too!

Zone 3 – Up High: Explore sports that take place high above the ground, learn the physics behind flying in a wingsuit, and free fall off a cliff (virtually of course!) and feel the thrill of soaring high in the sky.

Zone 4 – Ice and Snow: Fully experience the physics of the slopes, take part in virtual off-trail races, and meet rescue teams (both human and canine) always ready to come to the rescue off the beaten path. Younger visitors can test their climbing abilities on a rock-climbing wall made just for them.

Zone 5 – Underwater: Put yourself and your lungs to the test and explore freediving, wild-water canoeing and extreme surfing!

Zone 6 – On Earth: Meet two eminent wheelchair motocross athletes, and investigate how gravity and rotational forces are used when performing stunts.

Zone 7 – Exit Strategy: Imagine what the future holds for extreme sports and choose an extreme challenge for yourself… or not!


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