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Dinosaurs Alive!

A collection of life -sized, animatronic dinosaurs!

Beginning in the summer of 2008, The Children’s Museum is proud to announce it’s next major exhibition, Dinosaurs Alive! Scheduled to be at the Museum until January of 2009, the six month run of the 6000 square foot Dinosaurs Alive! will attract families from across Waterloo Region and beyond with a combination of interactive, educational and most of all, entertaining displays!

Animatronics, Skeletons and Fossils Comprised of three major areas, the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit will serve to educate and to entertain. The overall experience is created by combining life-sized animatronic dinosaurs that move and ‘breath’, awe-inspiring skeletons add authenticity and irreproducible aura to the space; and finally fossil displays that demonstrate on a large scale how bones are found and excavated.

Multimedia and Interaction To complement the visual aspects of authentic bones, fossils and life-sized recreations, woven throughout the remaining portion of the exhibit are a series of multimedia and static stations that add depth, communication and interpretation that serve to educate visitors on the raw facts of dinosaurs, their life and times and complete the overall experience of the Mesozoic period.

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