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“Dreamscape” in honour of Islamic Heritage Month

In partnership with the Coalition of Muslim Women KW, THEMUSEUM is featuring Mississauga-based impressionist painter, Nada Khatib, in our front window and foyer area.

Presenting “Dreamscape” – an original contemporary impressionist masterpiece by Canadian Muslim artist Nada Khatib. This artwork draws inspiration from the timeless “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, unveiling an enchanting mountain landscape beneath a velvety blue sky. Nada’s quest for equilibrium and profound comprehension of our world radiates through this creation, embodying the ability to embrace the allure of the night while upholding the flame of light and hope. A whimsical testament to nature’s harmonious essence, the artwork seamlessly intertwines its elements into a symphony of vibrant colours, extending an invitation to viewers for a contemplative journey into the interplay and coexistence of unity and contrast. 


Meet Nada Khatib

Nada Khatib’s work explores the connection between the natural world and fantasy, with lively textures in the impasto technique. Nada’s work is exhibited across Canada, held in hundreds of international private collections and published in a Canadian magazine. Nada was awarded sponsorship with the RBC Emerging Visual Artists Program including an exhibition at Arts Commons in Calgary. Since launching her professional art career in 2018, Nada has become a prolific educator, mentor and influential online creator. As the daughter of Syrian refugees, Nada is passionate about social activism, mentorship and community building.

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This exhibition is made in partnership with the Coalition of Muslim Women KW.

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