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Getting Naked

The Canadian Council Art Bank has been collecting work by the best Canadian artists of our time for over forty years, becoming the world’s largest collection of contemporary Canadian art. The Art Bank shares its collection through art rental and outreach programs which sees approximately 3,000 works on display at various locations each year. But rarely are the works that depict subjects who are naked, nude, or unclothed exhibited, pieces which make up a large percentage of the collection.

THEMUSEUM is displaying almost a hundred of these works that range in date, media, subject and styles. The exhibit encourages the audience to explore themes that will differentiate the pieces from those conventionally considered objectifying, pornographic or controversial. It is designed to educate, entertain and give viewers an engaging experience to explore contemporary Canadian art that the country has been so reluctant to publicly display. These unique works will challenge perceptions, create discussion and ultimately determine: do you GET Naked?

Jacques Arseneault: “Impression d’Amérique Frite”

Ohito Ashoona: “Serpentine Sedna”

Maxwell Bates: “Where the Monsters Are”

Bruno Bobak: “Embracing Couple,” “Green landscape with figures,” and “Anxiety”

Gilles Boisvert: “Femmes en quatre” and “En rose et bleu”

Don Bonham: “ArtiFact”

Marcus Bowcott: “Two Falling Figures”

John Boyle: “Ontario Street”

Claude Breeze: Untitled work

David Buchan: “Twinitron”

Hamish Buchanan: “In This Light” (ghosts of false romance)

Dennis Burton: “Old Lisle Brown Stockings” and “Chicago 8 Nurses #2”

Shelia Butler: “Study for the Flaying Marsyas”

Mimi Cabri: Untitled work

Michel Campeau: “Léandre, chambre” (de Les tremblements du coeur)

Jack Chambers: “Diego Sleeping” and “Nude”

Chander Chopra: Untitled #3 (from Threshold Series)

Thomas Corriveau: “Mireille”

Graham Coughtry: “Seated Figure III” and Untitled work

Donigan Cumming: Untitled work (April 10, 1992)

Peter Daglish: “Miss Truly Amazing”

Jennifer Dickson: “I am black but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem”

David Dorrance: “Raku Form #2S”

Mario Doucette: “1755” (la chasse aux anges)

André Dufor: “Mange ta claque pis ferme ta gueule”

Karen Dugas: “Floating, Staging a melodrama” and “Embrace the Maelstorm”
(from the Endangered Spaces…)

Marc Dugas: “Plotte Fatiguée” and Untitled work

Evergon: “Margaret Facing” and “Ramba Mama with Umbrella II”

Ivan Eyre: Untitled works

Skai Fowler: “Female Nude (coffee with Venus)” and “Female Nude”

Maria Gakovic: “God Commands Adam and Eve to Refrain from Picking Fruit
From the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil – Temptation of Eve”

Steve Gouthro: “Orff in the Garden Café”

John Greer: “Detail of Adam and Eve” (can’t very well be called Naval Disarmament)

Eliza Griffiths: “Fast Runners”

Massimo Guerrera: “Dessin #10”

Joice M. Hall: “Relaxing”

Jim Hansen: Nfld. Album no. 4

Michael Harris: “Red-Headed Woman in a Doorway”

Roy Hartling: “Passion of Expectation”

Tom Henderson: Untitled works

Kathy Hooper: “Mother & Son”

Glenn Howarth: “Portrait of Laura No. 1”

Natalka Husar: “Odalisque-at-Heart”

Ann James: “I’m Roberta I’m Betina”

Keena: “Mohawk Storyteller”

Davida Kidd: “The Summit”

Roy Kiyooka: “Flame”

Suzy Lake: “Maquette for Impositions”

Gwen Lawson: “Norwegian Fantasy in Comfortable Footwear”

Michel Leclair: “Elisabeth Monroe”

Laura Letinsky: Untitled work (Ann and Brendon)

Ernest Lindner: “Summer”

Janet Logan: “Des contes”

Hugh Mackenzie: “Woman”

Mary Jo Major: “Copper Woman”

Robert Markle: Untitled work

Jane Martin: “Dickson Suite #3”

Michael Morris: “Assassination”

Norval Morrisseau: “Deer – Creator of Life”

Frank Mulvey: “Adèle et Yves”

Steven G. Nelson: “Possessed”

John Newman: “Young Woman and the Toy Bird”

Jean Noel: “Mer et Acier”

Frank Nulf: “Sutured Forms with Bolt”

Daphne Odjig: “Thunderbird women”

Lyndal Osborne: “Decay”

David Ostrem: “Male Figure”

Alain Paiement: “F3” (living chaos)

Gregory James Payce: “Parian”

Alfred Pellan: Untitled work

Evan Penny: “Janet – Torso”

Mark Prent: “Thawing Out”

Fred Ross: “The Orange Tree” and “Nude with Still Life”

Noboru Sawai: “Great Tribunal” and “Our Cultural Heritage”

Bernice Schwartz: “Noema II”

Bertha Shenker: “Floating Baby”

Francine Simonin: “Dorothée et Sarah #2”

Ken Sleator: “Madmans Sheet”

William Thomson: “Homage”

Diana Thorneycroft: “Self Portrait (Father Mask Water Dream)”

Harold Town: “Vale Variation # 65,” “Vale Variation # 67,” and “Vale Variation # 41”

Daniel Ward Dingler: “Tu es une belle grenouille”

Joyce Wieland: “The one above waits for those below”

Justin Wonnacott: “Where I am Standing”

Kelly Wood: “Study for ‘/'”

Hilda Woolnough: “The Seeded Earth #12” – Alchemy Group

Alex Wyse: “Horn Sound”


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