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A Phenomenal Fan Collection hits THEMUSEUM this summer!

Before VHSs, DVDs and streaming, movies could only be seen in theatres. These short viewing timeframes resulted in production companies creating unique ways to market their products through toys and merchandise to keep a hold of their fans’ interest!

From KFC Buckets to buff action figures, Star Wars™ has produced thousands of pieces of promotional merchandise for the ever-popular saga. In this exhibition, you will explore years of Star Wars™ merchandise, collected by fanatic and tech aficionado, Syd Bolton, as well as collectables from other members of the Star Wars™ community, including Lorne Eedy, the Hacksmith and BOKO.

(This exhibition is in no way linked to Disney Enterprises, INC., Lucasfilm Ltd, LLC, Lucas Licensing Ltd, Lucas Entertainment Company Ltd LLC or The Lego GroupTM)

In Memory of Syd Bolton

This exhibition was made possible largely due to Star Wars™ fanatic and tech aficionado, Syd Bolton. Syd had a lifetime love of technology and video games, interests that he took into his personal and professional life. By day, he was an IT manager and by night, he was the curator/founder of the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, which featured over 25,000 artifacts. Syd wrote technology columns for the local newspaper and was a regular on the tech segment on Rogers television.

Syd had one of the largest video game collections in Canada and an extensive Star Wars™ memorabilia collection. With his untimely passing in 2018, all of this was left to his wife, Jennifer. With her help, we have been able to display much of Syd’s Star Wars™ collection in remembrance of the true King of the Nerds.


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