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SPECTRUM | The Five Senses brings together the work of international, Canadian, and local artists, as well as some favourite THEMUSEUM interactive exhibits for a fun-filled, multisensory experience. Immerse yourself in art that ignites your five senses, and helps you to make sense of your world!


Exhibition Highlights


#Bitesizedclay is a playful exploration of the art of food through plasticine sculpture, styling, and photography.

Jenn Robeson

Jenn Robeson’s art bridges multiple mediums; photography, textiles, clay sculpture and lots and lots of crafts. She likes to explore the relationship between little and big, real and imagined, lighthearted and profound. Play is an integral part of her artistic process. Jenn is a self-taught artist.


In LINES, Swedish sound artist and artistic researcher Anders Lind explores lines as musical instruments. Lines attached to the wall, on the floor, and hanging from the ceiling in combination with sensors and electronics are forming three novel musical instruments.

About Anders Lind

Anders Lind is a sound artist/composer and an associate professor of music at Umeå University in Sweden. Lind creates interactive pieces and installations and composes music for orchestras, choirs, ensembles, and soloists, preferably in combination with the use of electronics. His works and research are often routed within the fields of interactive sound art, animated notation, and audience participation. is another recognized project by Lind, with an aim to develop a new performance practice for electronic polyphonic contemporary art music. LINES has been exhibited in different museums all over the world.

Scent Generators

Boko’s scent generators respond to visitors’ proximity, dosing the air with a fine mist and fragrance when approached. With smells selected to trigger fond memories, the scent exhibit aims to help guests explore with their noses.

About Boko Designs

Boko is a multidisciplinary design studio based in New Hamburg, Ontario. With a focus on creating interactive projects, playful furniture, and unique spaces, Boko is always looking for the next opportunity to make something incredible.


Sight is a visually stunning experience that leverages point clouds and depth data to enable guests to interact with virtual representations of themselves, family and friends.

About Electric Playhouse

Electric Playhouse is a STEAM powered interactive and visual arts studio. We are a team of artists, designers, software developers, architects, creative technologists and exhibit fabricators. We design experiences which invite visitors into immersive projection mapped environments where they express themselves on digital canvases, exploring movement, colour and wonder.

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