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For Immediate Release: THEMUSEUM Revamps Membership & Pricing Structure

Posted on: June 20, 2023 by THEMUSEUM

Offers Unparalleled Value and Experiences for a Deserving Community

KITCHENER, ON | June 20, 2023 – As THEMUSEUM celebrates its 20th Anniversary with accelerated growth and traction, it continues to build on its string of popular, world-class exhibitions, from Andy Warhol and Titanic to The Rolling Stones, and special events for visitors at all stages of life.

THEMUSEUM’s mission to awe, inspire and enlighten led to the recent launch of the legacy gallery EYEPOOL, an immersive digital experience featuring works of local and international digital media artists, powered by 14 Christie Digital projectors. In addition to ever-changing exhibitions and events, its strong STEAM programming continues at The Underground MakerSpace.

A key focus now is to enhance accessibility “As we compare our admission and memberships fees to other area and other city’s attractions it became clear what we offer has great value and benefits for all.” … said David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM. “To grow accessibility, we’ve forged strong partnerships such as our free education pilot program with the Lyle S. Hallman Foundation.”

A bold new proposal is for free access to the GRT for students on curriculum field trips. This will introduce new riders during off-peak times for the ION. In addition, THEMUSEUM works with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to allow new Canadians free entrance, and with area libraries whose patrons can sign out free passes to THEMUSEUM.”

The most significant change during its 20th anniversary year, is the introduction of a single annual Membership for all, an unparalleled value at just $39.99.

Benefits include:

The $39.99 annual Membership can also be used as a way for community-minded people to purchase and donate the pass to someone less privileged or to support THEMUSEUM.

“The community and THEMUSEUM have changed and grown so much in just 20 years” adds Marskell. “We’re proud to be a major player in downtown transformation.”

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