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Our culture is creativity and innovation. Previous work experience required to join THEMUSEUM team? Childhood dreams.

Here, the bottom line is to awe, inspire and enlighten. After all, a museum built on imagination and wonder means the work will always be interesting.

Job Opportunities

Camp Program Assistant

Camp Program Assistant
CONTRACT DURATION: June 28th to September 5th 2021   
NOTE:  A current Vulnerable Sector Police Background Check is required.  


The Program Assistant – Camps is responsible for assisting the Family Experience Manager and Underground Studio MakerSpace Manager at THEMUSEUM to plan, run, and carry out daily activities for the Summer Day Camp program. These camps run from July to September 3rd, 2021. This position is responsible implementing activities day-to-day, leading and supervising the Camp Leaders, and maintaining fun, educational and valuable day camps for all campers. The successful applicants will take a hands-on role in preparing and presenting a variety of themed activities, projects and programs for children. 

Due to the ongoing changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made changes to the Camp Programme Assistant Role.  

During their time with THEMUSEUM, successful applicants will:  

  • Assist with virtual programming throughout the summer (running virtual activities and packing supplies for activity kits). 
  • Forward plan for camps and family programming for Fall and Winter 2021.  
  • Assist the Underground Studio MakerSpace Manager with camp facilitation (e.g. supervising the room over lunch or helping with sign-in or sign-out), preparing supplies and equipment.  
  • Assist in the galleries within our exhibitions as needed. 


  • Developing and planning new content and activities for Summer Camp sessions. 
  • Assisting the Family Experience Coordinator as needed. 
  • Organizing crafts/games in advance 
  • Teaching children a variety of educational themes/activities 
  • Interactive and supervised play with campers during off/on-site activities 
  • Disciplinary actions when needed 
  • Confident in ability to perform first aid procedures 
  • Multitasking and organizing activities 

OBJECTIVES: (by responsibility) 

Organizing programming and activities in advance 

  • Purchasing craft supplies, comparing prices to find the best deal. 
  • Getting the necessary supplies in order to deliver the crafts. 
  • Planning age-appropriate games, which fit as best as possible with the theme of the day/week. 

Teaching children a variety of educational themes/activities 

  • Learning the background information and script material prior to the start of camp 
  • Explaining the material in an interesting and informative format that the children will understand 
  • Adapting the material to suit the age group of the children attending the camp that week 
  • Assist with the development of educational programming used during camps. 

Interactive and supervised play with campers during off/on-site activities 

  • Being alert and attentive to ensure that the campers are safe during off/on-site activities. 
  • Interacting with the children during these activities that the children get the most out of their camp experience. 

Provide disciplinary actions when needed and act as a liaison with parents/guardians to discuss behavioural concerns. 

  • Using the appropriate level of discipline depending on the severity of the act and the age of the child. 
  • Ensuring that reinforcement and discipline strategies are consistent amongst the children. 
  • Informing parents/guardians of disciplinary actions taken when the circumstance calls for it. 

Confident in ability to perform first aid procedures 

  • Recognizing a situation in which first aid action is needed. 
  • Applying the proper first aid treatment depending on the injury. 
  • Appropriate follow-up procedures and filling out the appropriate paperwork. 

Multitasking and organizing activities 

  • Working cooperatively as a team to get the activities planned accomplished 
  • Maintaining control of the group while being enthusiastic and interactive. 
  • Craft and activity supply preparation and cleanup once completed. 
  • Smooth transition between activities. 

Assisting the Family Experience Manager 

  • Analysis of a satisfaction survey to be distributed to Day Camp Leaders 
  • Assist the Family Experience Manager, whenever needed, with running the day to day operations of camps 
  • Assist with the development of educational programming aligned with new exhibits and theme weeks 
  • Develop crafts and supervise the purchase and budgeting of supplies 
  • Act as the senior authority when the Family Experience Manager is offsite/absent. 


  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old. Experience working with children is essential.  
  • Background should include proven leadership ability and the ability to communicate effectively.  
  • Applicants should have the knowledge and/or skills in one or more of the following areas: education, science or science communication, arts and crafts.  
  • Our Day Camp Leaders will be comfortable liaising with parents as well as dealing with potential minor discipline issues.  
  • Additionally, a dedication to providing accurate, enthusiastic, engaging and age-appropriate programming is a must.  
  • Patience, creativity, time management skills and the ability to multitask will round out your qualifications. 
  • Applicant must have First Aid and CPR training/certificate. 
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Volunteer Positions

THEMUSEUM volunteers contribute to every aspect and activity that happens within our space. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to promote and support THEMUSEUM’s vision to “awe, inspire, and enlighten” by creating a fun and interactive environment for visitors!

We are currently recruiting for the following position(s):

Summer Volunteer Positions

Summer Volunteer Positions 

TIME COMMITMENT: 2 – 6 hours per week depending on availability  
TRAINING AND ORIENTATION:  Multiple options to accommodate your schedule:  

  • In-person Orientation (Option 1): Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 
  • In-person Orientation (Option 2): Saturday, July 25th 2021  
  • Virtual Orientation (Option 1): Wednesday, June 23rd 2021  
  • Virtual Orientation (Option 2): Wednesday, July 14th 2021 

NOTE:  A current Police Background Check is required.  


Are you interested in being involved with arts and culture and STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in the community?  

THEMUSEUM is excited to offer both virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities throughout the summer and into the fall months.  Gain experience with STEAM, museums, arts and culture, plan programming and activities with our team, or build customer service skills.   

 At this time, THEMUSEUM is offering a mix of virtual and in-person activities and programming to our members and broader community. We offer flexible volunteer opportunities that can be completed both on-site or remotely.  

  • Remote Volunteer: Volunteer with THEMUSEUM remotely, complete tasks and assignments at home, and check in with supervisor virtually.  
  • In-Person Volunteer: Volunteer with THEMUSEUM on-site within the building. 

We have several positions available:   

  • Volunteer Gallery Interpreter: Interact with visitors on the floor, explain exhibitions, lead tours, lead art activities or demonstrations. (In-person only)  
  • Guest Services Volunteer: Assist at the Visitor Services desk, in our gift shops, and for curb-side pickups. (In-person only)  
  • Public Programs Volunteer: Help with the planning and delivery of special family activities.  
  • MakerSpace Volunteer: Assist the Underground Studio MakerSpace team with STEAM programme planning and delivery.  
  • Education Volunteer: Assist with research and planning for school fieldtrip programming. 


  • Applicants must be 14 years or older  
  • Able to make a consistent commitment of at least 2 hours weekly for a minimum of three (3) months. 
  • Customer service experience is an asset.  
  • Communication and interpersonal skills are an asset.  
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment.  
  • Able to work well as part of a team under the direction and supervision of staff.  


  • Engage with visitors and hone your communication and customer service skills.  
  • Socialize with others within the community who are passionate about arts, culture, and STEAM.    
  • Shape future programming of THEMUSEUM.  
  • You will receive a reference letter detailing hours completed from your direct supervisor if requested.  
  • You will have fun, meet new people of all backgrounds, and learn a lot!  
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55 & Better Committee

55 & Better Committee 

TIME COMMITMENT:  2 hours quarterly + 4 hours monthly on Fridays
NOTE:  A current Police Background Check is required. 


Are you 55 & Better and looking to get involved more in the community? 

THEMUSEUM invites you to contribute your diverse voice to the 55 & Better Committee. THEMUSEUM has recently launched a new programming initiative for those 55 & better! As part of the initiative, we are looking to create a committee of individuals that can help shape our future programming offerings, help execute 55 & Better programming, and use their voice to spread awareness. 


At this time, 55 & Better programming is happening virtually at 11 am on the first and third Friday of the month at THEMUSEUM. We are looking for volunteers to join our Committee & assist with shaping our programming efforts for the future. In addition, Committee Members would assist with promoting our programming efforts to the communityIf interested in joining the 55 & Better Committee at this time, please come with ideas for engaging the community, how to get the word out for our programs, and ideas for programs that would be of interest to someone in this demographic, while being mindful that we are a museum. This volunteer opportunity will be virtual until 55 & Better programming can happen in-person once again. Once programming can happen in-person, there will be more opportunity to physically volunteer at THEMUSEUM & on the floor. This volunteer role will evolve. We will plan for our first brainstorming meeting to take place in early April.  


  • Promote programming to network. 
  • Attend virtual brainstorming meeting(s) to help shape future programming. 
  • Attend at least one 55 & Better virtual programs at month.  
  • Assist with facilitating virtual or in-person programming. For example: volunteering to deliver kits to virtual attendees.  
  • Work alongside Interpreters (THEMUSEUM floor staff) and other volunteers by providing excellent customer/ visitor-service and a learning experience. 
  • Once programming can be held in-person, it will be a public-facing role, as you are expected to be able to converse and answer questions about THEMUSEUM & programming. 
  • Welcome visitors to space. 
  • Attend all orientation and training sessions. 
  • Work as a team member with staff and volunteers. 
  • If interested, can be involved in other volunteer opportunities within THEMUSEUM.  


  • Applicants must be 55 or older. 
  • Able to make a commitment of a consistent shift during programming time. 
  • Customer service experience is an asset. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Able to work in a crowded and fast paced environment. 
  • Able to work well as part of a team under the direction and supervision of staff. 
  • If you have a specific skillset or background that you think would be of interest to THEMUSEUM, please share.  


  • Engage with visitors and hone your communication and customer service skills. 
  • Socialize with others within the community who are 55 & Better.  
  • Shape future programming for those 55 & Better.  
  • You will receive a reference letter detailing hours completed from your direct supervisor if requested. 
  • You will have fun, meet new people of all backgrounds, and learn a lot! 

For more information or questions, please reach out to Katelynn Dietrich, Katelynn.Dietrich@THEMUSEUM.ca. 

Internships & Co-ops

THEMUSEUM is the perfect place for students to complete their internships or co-operative placements. Successful THEMUSEUM interns have come from all areas of study, including education, public relations and advertising, event management, digital media, arts, administration, and more! 

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