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2020/2021 Exhibition Information

A documentary-style film that will give a platform to Canadian youth who have been both directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19. Participants will be given a chance to archive their experiences, creating a deeper understanding of their contrasting lives that be utilized both today and in the future.

Participant Call

We’re looking for multi-media submissions from YOU!
Send us your photos, artwork or a minute-long video, themed around your experiences during the pandemic related to school, family, friendships and quarantine! We may use your submission for our upcoming documentary!
Enter and submit your work, please complete the google form here: 
Fill out our Goolge Form 
Please complete a Media Release Consent form if you are under the age of 18.

Who are we?

THEMUSEUM Youth Council is a group comprised of people aged 13-17 with a passion for their community.

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Get to know our current members!

Katie Quigley

Co-Social Media Coordinator

Katie is 16 years old, and Co-Social Media Coordinator on the council. She is currently a grade 11 student. Katie is new to the council, and very excited for the opportunity to make a change in her community. In her spare time, Katie loves to go on bike rides and play both beach and indoor volleyball. She is really interested in computers, robotics, and all things technology.

Natasija Cekic

Communications Coordinator

Natasija is a grade 12 student and The Youth Council’s Communications Coordinator. Throughout the last few years, she’s enjoyed getting more involved in Kitchener, Waterloo’s local community and have found a passion for working with organizations and charities she feels strongly about, something she is able to do through her role in the Youth council. Some things she like doing in her free time are skiing, shopping, volunteering and participating in DECA business competitions.

Humzah Chughtai

Finance Coordinator

Humzah is 15 years old and is the Finance Coordinator on the Youth Council. His hobbies include drawing and participating in sports such as soccer. He also enjoys travelling and spending time with his friends.

Nicole Castano

General Member

Nicole has been a general member of THEMUSEUM’s youth council since last year. She is 16 years old and is currently a grade 12. In her spare time, she enjoys reading action/adventure novels and playing volleyball. Nicole loves music and plays both the piano and cello. Nicole is fluent in Spanish and enjoys travelling to explore different cultures.

Payton Mackey

Project Lead

Payton is a 17-year-old in Grade 12 student. She is the Project Lead for Youth Council and loves being able to talk and build connections with everyone on the team. If she could have any superpower she would choose the power of fire for no reason beyond it being super freaking cool (well technically hot but that’s beside the point).

Namrata Mishra


Namrata is the 2020-2021 Chair of the Youth Council. Namrata is a Grade 12 and is also a student in the WISE Program at Western University. Associated with various non-profit organizations, she’s a firm advocate for local activism. On the side, she’s always baking (ie. has an Instagram blog) and she can’t get enough of Scooby-Doo.

Jisoo Lee

Co-Social Media Coordinator

Jisoo is a grade 10 student and the Social Media Coordinator of The Youth Council. She likes to draw/design and play games in her free
time, and enjoys looking at social media to find out new trends and features. Jisoo always looks for new ways to promote The Youth Council through social media, as well as sharing updates.

Mission Statement

The Youth Council is a leadership program that provides a group of diverse youth with the opportunity to address world issues, amplify youth voices and empower people while working together as one.


The Youth Council In The News

Namrata Mishra, Co-chair of The Youth Council, was interviewed by Craig Norris on The Morning Edition to talk about the important work The Youth Council is doing!
Take a listen:


Join us!

THEMUSEUM invites you to contribute your diverse voice to The Youth Council, designed for students in Grades 8 – 12 who are looking for both a creative outlet and a learning opportunity in a safe, accessible, inspiring, youth-led environment.

The council will include meetings every two weeks from October to June. We want to awe, inspire, and enlighten you to create an event or project at THEMUSEUM that is for young people by young people.

What will you gain from joining The Youth Council?

Thank you to the Astley Family Foundation for making our Youth Council possible!


Why open THEMUSEUM newsletters?

"Just scanning the themes here, I think you and the programming team should be very proud of the relevance of your institution to so many of the important conversations of our time. Please keep doing what you’re doing!"

- Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry.com