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MASQUERADE | Succumb to the Eve of St. George

October 31, 2019 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Experience the Eve of St. George with an immersive theatrical performance by Transcen|Dance Project. This unnerving and seductive evening extends past the realm of reality to submerge guests in a night of unchartered mystery. Upon arrival, guests will be dispersed throughout the three open floors of THEMUSEUM and invited to explore the evening’s mystery by discovering elements of the story unfolding in different locations. Attendees will be encouraged to further immerse themselves by dressing in black, white or red.

With the performers as your guide and your mask as your keeper, who will you become when no one knows who you are?

Tickets are limited for this unique experience, so reserve your spot today!


This is a 19+ event.
Dress code: Black, White and Red. Masks will be provided upon arrival. 


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