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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stay at Keith and Mick’s Edith Grove Flat

Posted on: April 1, 2022 by THEMUSEUM

All Expenses Paid for this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Kitchener ON | – THEMUSEUM is giving two lucky winners an immersive Rolling Stones experience: 2 nights, all-expenses-paid, in the Stone’s replica Edith Grove apartment, part of The Rolling Stones | UNZIPPED exhibition now in its final weeks at THEMUSEUM.

The replica depicts exactly the conditions Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and crew experienced before they got their big break.  The reconstructed Chelsea apartment comes strewn with dirty clothes, fish & chips takeaway wrappers and empty beer bottles, a mountain of dirty dishes in the sink, and what Keith called the “horrendous” brown carpet, on which Jagger says they were sitting when they christened the band “The Rolling Stones.”

The ‘winners’ get two nights in the mock-up apartment, shillings for the coin-fed heater, fish & chips takeaway, beans on toast, and two complimentary rolls of Izal medicated bathroom tissue.

“It’s not just living in Mick’s and Keith’s footsteps,” says THEMUSEUM’s CEO David Marskell, “it’s immersing yourself in their squalor.  Call it the ‘crossfire hurricane’ decor, with spilt beer, crumbs, stinky socks. Fully immersive.”

THEMUSEUM promises it’s a ‘sticky fingers’ experience.

“The beauty of this Edith Grove apartment” adds Marskell, “is that it’s a replica.  All the filth, but none of the bacteria.  It’s a win-win.”

THEMUSEUM will be accepting contest entries through April 1st, 2022.



For additional information, please contact: 

David Marskell – CEO, THEMUSEUM 




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