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Take THEMUSEUM wherever you go!

THEMUSEUM+ is THEMUSEUM that you know and love outside of 10 King St West. THEMUSEUM+ is a new kind of museum experience. A museum in your home, in the classroom, at the bar, in the park, with your friends. THEMUSEUM+ offers diverse experiences wherever you are.

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Live Events 

Join us on our Facebook page for weekly live streamed events. We’ve re-created some of your favourite in-house experiences for those on the go!

Can’t make the live stream? Don’t worry! These videos are all saved for you to watch when the time is right.

Watch a past live stream

Wednesday, August 26 @ 11am

Birds of Prey: The Canadian Raptor Conservancy is back once again to help us learn all about our feathered friends!


Wednesday, August 12 @ 11am

Join Theatricks and watch hilarious skits showcasing outdoor skills and more in their interactive presentation!


Online Event Calendar 

See a list of all upcoming live-streamed events. 

Events Calendar 

Week of August 17th: Forest and Friends

Learn about the life cycle of plants and animals and navigate the foodwebs that connect them all.

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THEMUSEUM+ Virtual Learning

We’ve adapted some of our education programming for on the go learning! Check out our list of Ontario curriculum based lesson plans you can teach the kids wherever you are. Is your child more of a visual learner? Watch one of our experiments on our YouTube channel!

Printable Activities 

Download one of our printable activities to do at home!

STEAM Bingo! 

Excite your inner Maker this summer with THEMUSEUM Maker Challenge Bingo! Use your creativity and materials found around your home to complete the various challenges on the card, available for purchase below. 
As you complete each project, take a photo or video and upload to Instagram with #THEMUSEUMbingo and be sure to tag @themuseumkitchener in your post. Once you complete a line, shape, or the full card, email with your Instagram username, a photo of your bingo card and your full mailing address to claim your prize.
Don’t use instagram? That’s ok! Just email us your completed bingo card instead at!
Email to submit completed cards (line, shape, or full card) to collect your prize! Visitors with full cards receive Animal Hugger’s but may select putty or key chains if preferred. All completed cards are valid for a free child admission. One prize (plus free admission) will be awarded per card.
Line (straight or diagonal): A 3D Printed U- Key Chain – $3 value
‘M’ or ‘X’ shape: A small tin of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – $5 value
Full card: Animal Hugger – $10 value
Free space: free child admission valid until June 30, 2021, simply bring your bingo card along!
THEMUSEUM Maker Challenge Bingo ends Monday, September 7th at midnight. 
Purchase a Bingo Card

Why open THEMUSEUM newsletters?

"Just scanning the themes here, I think you and the programming team should be very proud of the relevance of your institution to so many of the important conversations of our time. Please keep doing what you’re doing!"

- Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer,