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Open Wednesday - 10:00 am to 9:00 pm


Do I have to purchase tickets in advance or can I just buy them at the door?
You can always buy tickets at the door. For most Exhibitions and Special Events, you can also buy tickets online and beat the line ups!

How long does it take to go through featured exhibitions?
Most people take about an hour to go through our exhibitions, but feel free to take longer if you like! And don’t forget that admission to our featured exhibitions gives you access to the rest of THEMUSEUM for hours of fun.

Does my admission to a featured exhibition include the rest of THEMUSEUM?
Yes, your admission includes access to other areas of THEMUSEUM, including the TotSpot, Atrium, our daily programs and many other areas during your visit unless otherwise indicated.

Is THEMUSEUM wheelchair and stroller accessible?
THEMUSEUM is completely wheelchair and stroller accessible. There is also one free rental wheelchair that can be borrowed from Visitor Services depending on availability.

Is THEMUSEUM peanut free?
THEMUSEUM asks that visitors do not open nuts or other food items which other visitors might be allergic to while visiting. THEMUSEUM cannot guarantee a nut-free facility.

Are there exhibition tours at THEMUSEUM?
Most of THEMUSEUM’s exhibitions are self-guided. Tickets purchased online for specific times refer to the time you are expected to arrive at THEMUSEUM to enter the exhibition. Tickets are valid for entry for an hour after the printed time on the ticket. Occasionally, THEMUSEUM has guided tours for exhibits. The days and times for these can be found on our calendar.

Can I take photos in THEMUSEUM?
You can take photographs outside of the exhibition within other areas of THEMUSEUM, but due to copyright issues you are often not permitted to take photos within our exhibition space. For exhibition specific information and photograph guidelines please contact us.

Is there a gift shop?
Exhibition and THEMUSEUM related merchandise can be purchased at the Visitor Services desk.

Can I purchase tickets for a gift that are not timed and dated?
Yes, you can purchase tickets that are free of a time and date stamp. Please be aware that wait times may vary.

Information about parking and directions can be found here.

Please note that there is construction in the downtown core due to the upcoming LRT. Road closures can be found here.

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