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We grieve and seek the truth. We’re committed to creating action for change.

As Canadians celebrate the 154th anniversary of Confederation many voices are being heard. Those who fought, died, or lost loved ones in wars to fight external oppression. Those who fled from other countries to be free in their new home of Canada. And those who have been here from the beginning and have been oppressed. 

As we at THEMUSEUM reflect on the past we grieve and seek the truth. Our Mission Statement includes: “…staging exhibitions to make transformative connections…” While all of us must improve, including THEMUSEUM, we are committed to using our stage and our voice to work with all people and bring about transformative change.

That was the intent of our sesquicentennial exhibition A Cause For Celebration? First Things First. Below you find other exhibitions and artists we have worked with in our attempt to bring change.

As a country, we have much to reflect upon our history. We believe meaningful change begins in our individual hearts.


Cause for Celebration? First Things First 

A Cause for Celebration? First Things First presented the work of three contemporary Indigenous artists and one new Canadian artist in 2017. Diverse in their practices, these artists created work that spoke to present-day issues we are still seeing today, as well as problems and solutions that emphasize the universality of human experiences.

Indigenous Women in a drum circle Rebecca Thomas Performs poetry on stage. Selected works of art on a white wall in black frames. A man looks at artwork on a white wall.

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THEMUSEUM’s Pledge to Diversity and Inclusion


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"Just scanning the themes here, I think you and the programming team should be very proud of the relevance of your institution to so many of the important conversations of our time. Please keep doing what you’re doing!"

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