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May 2024

Open Now!

IMPOSSIBLE GEOMETRIES is the inaugural experience featured in EYEPOOL, THEMUSEUM’s new immersive digital gallery. This immersive exhibition takes guests on a journey through ten unique audiovisual worlds, each exploring the captivating elements of visual design, interaction, and play.

Upon entering EYEPOOL, guests are enveloped in a surreal landscape where space and time warp, along with abstract geometries that fill the space. The exhibition encourages guests to question the limits and bounds of their physical environment, challenging perceptions of what it means to occupy the here and now.

The exhibition utilizes real-time software to generate larger-than-life projection environments that combine simple elements of visual design to create complex and ever-changing landscapes of the imagination.

IMPOSSIBLE GEOMETRIES: an AZMA work by Laura Anzola, Matthew Waddell, and Darren Young.

Axis-Z Media Arts (AZMA) is a digital art studio based in Calgary that creates genre-blurring digital experiences that break out of the traditional rectangular screen and into the real world. Axis-Z refers to the Z-axis in a three-dimensional cartesian coordinate system, which gives an object depth and makes it three-dimensional.

AZMA specializes in projection mapping, interactive installations, 3D animation, and sound, with a focus on artistic detail, technical execution, and audience engagement. Their team comprises media artists, creative coders, designers, and technical specialists from Canada and Colombia, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration to push boundaries and inspire new discoveries.

EYEPOOL is THEMUSEUM’s new permanent digital immersive gallery. This 1000sq foot gallery space is equipped with 14 state-of-the-art Christie Inspire projectors that will help transport you to other worlds over and over again.

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