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Permanent Exhibitions

Tot Spot

This colourful area is designed for our youngest visitors to explore their creativity! The gallery is designed especially for children up to 4 years of age. The TotSpot introduces babies and toddlers to early learning principles through visual and tactile stimuli.

The Urban Streetscape Project

A collaborative effort to showcase the iconic features of our Region in a fun and interactive way! Create your own sound at The Beat Goes On and interact with images on the floor and wall!

Sol LeWitt Art Installation

Along our Atrium staircase, you can discover an art piece unlike any other: white Styrofoam overtop a dark blue wall. This piece, by renowned American artist Sol LeWitt, is said to resemble cracking ice, and exemplifies the unique design he was known for.


These are in the centre of the Grand Atrium. Unlike school and home, you don’t have to clean up your toys!

Shadow Play

The large white screen on the main floor is the Shadow Play. Turn the coloured lights located behind the screen on and off to create multi-coloured shadows. Dance, pose or wiggle and watch your shadow move with you. How many shadows are there when all of the lights are on?


Located in Sybil’s passage, Imaginarium is an over 50 foot long mural painted by Stephanie Boutari, a local KW muralist. Imaginarium draws inspiration from architectural features of THEMUSEUM’s interior as well as classic and modern museums. The artwork seeks to capture the viewer’s imagination by visually expanding the wall into a fictional three-dimensional environment.