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June 2024
EYEPOOL Presents IYINISIWIN, by Quantum Wampum

June 2024

On exhibition

IYINISIWIN is an immersive installation that challenges our current perceptions and invites us to rediscover our interconnectedness in the universe. Departing from the dominant narrative of human exceptionalism, this experience, which is rooted in Indigenous wisdom, unveils the profound intelligence, knowledge and wisdom displayed in the natural world.

This journey utilizes cutting-edge immersive technology and beautifully crafted environments that seamlessly blend the boundaries between our gallery visitors and the natural world. As you step into the gallery, you become a part of a larger cosmic tapestry, which is made up of a web of relationships that transcends human-centric perspectives.

The experience embarks on a cyclical voyage through four captivating stories; each story is a testament to the interconnected intelligence that spans from the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the mysterious depths of our oceans. We will be able to experience the cosmic dance of stars, listen to the wisdom whispered by ancient trees, and dive into the depths of the ocean to uncover the secrets hidden within. Through the collaboration of gallery participants and the elements within the projected environment, connections will be forged that transcend the limits of the human experience.

Iyinisiwin invites you to embrace humility, compassion and balance as you explore your relationship with the natural world. This transformative experience celebrates the interconnectedness of all life.

About Quantum Wampum

Quantum Wampum, led by acclaimed immersive artists James Monkman (Cree) and Brian T. Moore (settler), is an artist collective dedicated to Indigenous-inspired, immersive experiences. Their work delves into the essence of living, working, creating and innovating in a good way. Through their art, they seek to unravel the profound connections between humanity and the universe, thus further fostering a deeper understanding of our relationships with each other and the world around us. Quantum Wampum invites audiences to explore and celebrate these interconnected experiences, bridging cultures and perspectives in a meaningful and transformative way.

Meet James Monkman

James Monkman is an award-winning Cree visual artist and art director from treaty five territory residing in Toronto, Ontario with his wife and two boys. His work spans multiple different mediums from Film, TV, Experience Design, and Virtual Reality. Creating for these different mediums requires a unique ability to interplay between artistic vision and technical understanding to push the limitations of what’s possible.  James‘ passion for creating comes out of the need to tell indigenous stories using cutting-edge technologies to dispel stereotypes of indigenous people being a people of the past and showing that indigenous ways of knowing and cosmology are actually ideas for the future.

Visit James Monkman’s Website

Meet Brian T. Moore

Brian T. Moore is an artist that creates large scale, dynamic immersive experiences. His practice involves a deep commitment to the process that create respectful and challenging outcomes. A multifaceted collaborator, Brian uses his skills to push the boundaries of a human immersive experience. Inspired by nature and our collective struggle to find balance.

Visit Brian T. Moore’s Website

Meet Nigel Irwin (Music and Sound Design)

Nigel Irwin is a Cree-Canadian musician, composer, and storyteller from Niagara Treaty territory, who lives in Toronto – Dish With One Spoon Territory.As Creative Director of Nagamo, Irwin has helped build the first production-music library created entirely by Indigenous artists, working closely with a growing network of Indigenous singers and musicians worldwide. In addition, Irwin also provides original musical scores for film and television projects.

Visit Nigel Irwin’s Website

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