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Long Weekend Forecast Calls for No Rain, Sunny Disposition, and 21C Inside THEMUSEUM

Posted on: April 18, 2019 by THEMUSEUM

Kitchener, ON 

THEMUSEUM is pleased to announce that due to central heating and a rain-proof roof we will be open for business all weekend long. Yes, you read that right- all weekend long, including Monday, April 22nd.

Staff at THEMUSEUM have been hard working bunnies and have done the scavenger hunt planning for you, including hiding a number of colourful eggs around the temperature-controlled building for you and your little ones to search for this Saturday, April 20th. You won’t need an umbrella or boots to complete this egg hunt and THEMUSEUM can guarantee that there won’t be any mud either!

Whether you’re interested in creating stained-glass rabbits, your very own bunny mask, or just looking for a fun, dry, warm place to spend your holiday weekend, THEMUSEUM can provide all of that, and more. Have you experienced #ColourTripping in SPECTRUM? Join THEMUSEUM for some family fun immersing yourselves in the balloon room, ball pit, digital sandbox, or any one of our interactive installations throughout the exhibitions. The best part? It’s all included in the price of admission!

The long weekend is the perfect time for us to awe, inspire, and enlighten you while also shielding you from the unpredictable forecast. See you at THEMUSEUM!

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