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B@THEMUSEUM, B.Hospitality, and THEMUSEUM in Downtown Kitchener give back to those in need this holiday season

Kitchener, Ontario –

B@THEMUSEUM, in association with B.Hospitality, has once again partnered with THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener to give back to those in need during this special time of the year.

On Monday, December 10th, 2018, B@THEMUSEUM and B.Hospitality will provide a holiday dinner for those in need. THEMUSEUM is also pleased to offer those attending the dinner complimentary entrance to the current exhibitions: BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head, Connections & Contexts: Islamic Influences and Traditions, & TIFF’s digiPlaySpace.

“I am delighted by the generosity shown by B@THEMUSEUM and look forward to hosting hundreds through our exhibitions again this year,” said David Marskell, CEO at THEMUSEUM. “For some it may be the only gift they receive this holiday season.”

“This event is for anyone in need,” explained Leanne Campbell of B@THEMUSEUM, a restaurant specializing in local food and craft beer located at THEMUSEUM. “The teams at B@THEMUSEUM and B.Hospitality are excited to be able to give something back to our community once again this year.”

This is the fourth time B@THEMUSEUM, B.Hospitality, and THEMUSEUM have hosted this event.

This year’s dinner will begin at 5:00pm and run until 7:00pm. B@THEMUSEUM has reached out to a number of local organizations to make sure these important social-assistance services within the community receive information about the event. The community can play a role in getting the word out, too, by sharing event information with those who may be in need this holiday season.