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THEMUSEUM: #FFWR: What Do You See in 50 Years?

Between September 16 and October 4, 2015, a group of local artists from across Waterloo Region, who call themselves Collective Identity, have taken over THEMUSEUM’s fourth floor gallery space. During this time, they are showcasing an art exhibition called Fast Forward Waterloo Region.

Each piece of art in this exhibition shows the artists’ interpretation of what Waterloo Region may look like in the next 50 years. The themes portrayed represent transit, urbanity and landscape, food and food security, and cultures and multiculturalism. While many pieces of artwork show hope, some also depict fears of the pending future.

But we also want to know what YOU think Waterloo Region will look like in 50 years. One wall within the exhibition is covered in a chalkboard where visitors can share their ideas and visions.

Here is a snapshot of the dreams, aspirations and hope that has been shared so far:


“Hope for the homeless”

“Tomorrow is just another future yesterday”

“Stay sober”

“My future is more than likely exactly the same as my past”

“Taco emojis”

THEMUSEUM’s Brand, Marketing and Communications Manager, Allison Leonard, also shared some of her insight as to what the region may look like in 50 years:

“#FFWR to 2050 and it’s filled with movement. King Street bustles with pedestrian traffic, travel between cities is accessible and enjoyable through light rail and people have somewhere to go. They’re bouncing between a band at Victoria Park and a film at the Apollo. They’re finishing a local beer on a patio to head to an exhibit at THEMUSEUM. They’re unlocking their bike outside Jane Bond to catch a poetry slam downtown.”

Make sure to visit Fast Forward Waterloo Region while it’s on display and share your thoughts on the future.