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Exceeds Targets Set by Municipalities in 2019

Kitchener ON | June 30, 2022 — THEMUSEUM announced today that it has achieved a surplus for the year ended June 30, marking the third consecutive year meeting all targets, in advance as set by the municipalities.

Leading up to the pandemic THEMUSEUM had two of its most successful years, despite a deficit with earned revenue increasing by $250,000 over 2018 and 2019. At that time, the municipalities set criteria for the organization to balance its books within three years. THEMUSEUM accomplished that in the first one and a half years and now has achieved a surplus for 2022.

During the pandemic THEMUSEUM’s creativity led to the first drive-thru of its kind, The Dinosaur Drive-Thru attracting 50,000 paying visitors in three weeks, half of its annual attendance. During that time THEMUSEUM staff also negotiated the Canadian rights to The Rolling Stones | UNZIPPED and The Ronnie Wood Art Exhibition which, after successful runs in Kitchener and Waterloo respectively are currently being presented by THEMUSEUM in Winnipeg. 

Once determined that fiscal 2022 was going to be successful, THEMUSEUM offered UNZIPPED for free to those under 18 and all school groups free admission to all its programs during the last three months of the school year. Also, those 55 & Better can enjoy THEMUSEUM and special programming free each Thursday throughout the year. Other examples of inclusivity by THEMUSEUM in June included Family Pride Day, a Celebration of World Refugee Day – along with an exhibition about Climate Refugees and on June 21st, the summer solstice an early morning Celebration on National Indigenous People’s Day.

“Like always, like never before THEMUSEUM is hitting its stride and relevant to all stages of life and will continue on that positive trajectory begun several years ago” … said David Marskell CEO of THEMUSEUM. “This summer’s exhibitions are already creating smiles and new Members and include SPECTRUM | The Five Senses, Climate Refugees, and a fans private collection of Star Wars* related merchandise.”

This fall THEMUSEUM will host outspoken author Fran Lebowitz at Wilfrid Laurier University and explore the world of author Jack Kerouac by curating a photography-based exhibition that will then travel across Canada. After-hours favourites and new licensed special events appealing to a younger demographic will also be announced.

Frank Boutzis, President of THEMUSEUM’s Board of Directors said… “We applaud the creativity and leadership of our team who have stabilized the organization, met our commitments with the municipalities and continue to awe, inspire & enlighten our communities.”

THEMUSEUM is incredibly grateful to the community, and accredits its proud sponsors, supporters,

volunteers, and community members for making it the success it has become.

For more information visit THEMUSEUM.ca.

*(This exhibition is in no way linked to Disney Enterprises, INC., Lucasfilm Ltd, LLC, Lucas Licensing Ltd, Lucas Entertainment Company Ltd LLC or The Lego GroupTM).