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THEMUSEUM and SPECTRUM Exhibition featured nationally on CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada

Kitchener, ON – THEMUSEUM is proud to have worked with the team at CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada to showcase a familiar location in next week’s episode to air at 9:00pm Tuesday, August 13th on CTV.

David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM shared, “Our vision is to awe, inspire and enlighten but sometimes we just want to have fun! We are thrilled to have a national spotlight on THEMUSEUM, Kitchener and Waterloo Region!” Our entire team wishes to express the gratitude of being a part of something as wonderful and large as the production of The Amazing Race Canada.

Much like THEMUSEUM, The Amazing Race Canada has had a long, invested timeline of achievement. Similar to how the team has given nod to THEMUSEUM, it is only appropriate to reciprocate the same recognition to the extreme strides Jon Montgomery and the production team put forth to make the Race possible.

Marskell went on to add, “I am not great at keeping a secret so the team didn’t let me know until last week!?”

Partnering with B@THEMUSEUM a special drink will be prepared in honour of the event and everyone is welcome to join us for the 9:00pm screening at B@THEMUSEUM August 13th!

Many thanks to CTV, The Amazing Race Canada and the team for including THEMUSEUM as a landmark in the storied history of the 7 season long-running series.