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Museum After Dark: Headphone Disco

The “Museum After Dark” series presents a unique blend of entertaining events. This month’s featured event, Headphone Disco, is the third installment of the Christie Entertainment Series.

The Christie Entertainment Series, targeted towards young-professionals, began with 2001: A Space Odyssey Art & Music Experience, which was followed by Tight & Bright 80s Retro Laser Dance Party. With this series, new technology is utilized to give visitors a dynamic and innovative entertainment experience.

2001: A Space Odyssey Art & Music Experience allowed visitors to dance through space and time. The iconic Star Child hung from the ceiling, and photo-ops were available with in infamous HAL 9000. Tight & Bright 80s Retro Laser Dance Party featured a breathtaking laser show, and a DJ and live musicians that entertained guests all night.

Now, with Headphone Disco, visitors will get to experience a totally new form of entertainment. The dance party will be completely silent until visitors put on headphones. Two DJs will be playing different music throughout the night, and their streams can be toggled on the headphones; party-goers will be able to choose what they listen to as they dance the night away. Those who take a break and remove their headphones will have the unique experience of watching dancers groove around to a seemingly silent dance floor.

The event is being carried out in collaboration with the company Headphone Disco, who are becoming well-known for their unique “Two Deejay Super Show.” The DJs will be spinning a variety of music, notably Top 40 tunes, but will be playing different genres at the same time so dancers can chose what to listen to. The headphones, which are wireless, have toggle switches on them, so visitors can switch-up the music themselves as they are listening.

Headphone Disco has been traveling around the world putting on events since 2007. They have played at college campuses, music festivals, and unique venues such as THEMUSEUM. This event showcases innovative entertainment like you’ve never experienced!

Tickets have been selling fast, so get yours now and follow our four easy steps:

  1. Arrive at THEMUSEUM
  2. Collect your two channel headphones
  3. Select your DJ via the headphone toggle switch