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A Science Adventure Awaits

THEMUSEUM is privileged to host two spectacular science exhibitions this winter: Quantum: The Exhibition and Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters. In keeping with the theme, this year’s Winter Break Camp is called “Science Adventure.” The Day Camp Team here at THEMUSEUM will take campers on a journey through science from the geological to the subatomic, from the biological to the technological. We’ll introduce campers to a range of topics through hands-on activities that will spark their imaginations.

Encouraging science engagement in children can open up a world of possibilities. It can broaden their horizons in possible careers and help them to navigate our increasingly technological and science-driven world. It can help them to become science-literate adults, able to understand science research and the policies that affect them. However, negative attitudes are the most prevalent barrier to science literacy.

Often these negative attitudes are formed as children and manifest as a decrease in science interest and motivation from K – 12. A particularly challenging science class or a bad grade can have a lasting impact on a person’s feelings about science. One of the great things about science programming outside of the classroom is that the pressure is off. There is no stressful test or a passing mark. All children need to do is explore and be amazed. Curriculum restrictions do not bind camp, and we can open up the programming to cover a host of science topics in a way that can create meaningful connections for our campers.

Positive experiences with science are important to developing a life-long interest in the field and positive experiences are what we hope to offer with Winter Break Camp. We want campers to enjoy the activities and learn not only new information but learn that science can be fun! Campers will have the chance explore our current exhibitions with help from our camp leaders to create connections with the content and their everyday lives.

Our Winter Break Camp will run from December 27th – 30th 2016 and January 2nd to 7th 2017. If you are interested in registering your children for our Day Camp or to learn more about our program, visit our website or email us at Camps@THEMUSEUM.ca

We hope you’ll ring in the New Year with a Science Adventure!

Author Bio

Ashley Miller is THEMUSEUM’s Camp Program Coordinator. She has a Ph.D. in Integrative Biology and has over three years of experience in Science Communication. In addition to her science background, she has a passion for the arts and works to integrate science, art, and culture into her camp programming.