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THEMUSEUM Continues to Explore Communication by Bringing the World’s First Typewriters to Downtown Kitchener

Kitchener, ON – The World’s First Typewriters: Innovation in its Time, the newest exhibition to come to THEMUSEUM, offers a fresh look at one of modern history’s greatest inventions, the typewriter. Looking at some of the very first forms of typewriters, the exhibition will have guests explore the evolution of global communication.

The exhibition displays a collection spanning over forty machines ranging from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Visitors will have a look through the ages that relied on ink and ribbon spawned from Gutenberg’s printing press to what eventually became a gateway for the information age that exists today.

The World’s First Typewriters: Innovation in its Time is presented to THEMUSEUM by Toronto based collector Martin Howard. Martin has been amassing his collection of typewriters since his first 1880’s Caligraph model found in 1989. This exhibition shows an important piece of history while simultaneously exhibiting the passion of a long-time collector.

The exhibition will run alongside AFTERLIFE | A Séance Experience beginning September 18, 2019, bringing two contrasting forms of communication together in one immersive space.