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THEMUSEUM Hosts Their First Ever Pop-Up Wedding as They Usher In the New Way to Wed!

Kitchener, ON

Saturday, May 25th marked THEMUSEUM’s inaugural Pop Up Wedding, which featured an exclusive hassle-free package of a one hour time slot for the happy couple and thirty of their closest friends and family.

This year, THEMUSEUM opened its doors to two couples who were ready to shake off the traditional wedding formalities to embrace a newer, more modern option for their special day.

With tireless efforts from THEMUSEUM’s event coordinators, Elise Frangakis and Victoria Wood, the Pop Up Wedding proved to be an intimate and unique way for the couples to celebrate their love. Other participating vendors included, Brian Limoyo Photography, The Event Firm, B Elegant Catering, Paradise Union Band, officiant Jennifer Taylor, Living Fresh, and Fresh Look Design who all worked together to create a lasting impression.

Following the success of the Pop Up Wedding, THEMUSEUM looks forward to hosting more awe-inspired couples who look to step outside the box for their special day without the big price tag attached.