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THEMUSEUM Incites Democracy; CEO Risks Fine, Jail Time


David Marskell Still Offers Free Admission… Under One Condition

 Kitchener, Ontario –

THEMUSEUM CEO David Marskell has been warned that his latest promotion, offering free admission to those who vote, contravenes Section 90(3) of The Municipal Election Act.

A media release issued yesterday states that anyone who votes in Monday’s municipal election would receive free admission between 10:00am-9:00pm on Wednesday, October 24.

Speaking on a radio show this morning, Marskell plead guilty to inciting democracy. “It was simply a way to encourage Waterloo Region residents to exercise their right to vote. We do want to offer free admission, we do want to promote democracy and we do want to make THEMUSEUM accessible for those who can’t necessarily afford it.”

Marskell went on to say that it’s the law that should be addressed, as voter turn-out in the 2014 municipal election was a dismal 30%.

“THEMUSEUM is a not-for-profit, underfunded organization that can’t afford to pay a fine. I also have no interest in going to jail… although I’m sure there’s a line-up of people who would like to see me in the slammer!” Marskell said. “We will still be offering free admission on Wednesday, October 24. To gain free admission, guests must share the password with Visitor Services.”

The password is ‘Please Vote’. 

While THEMUSEUM is in no way affiliated with an individual candidate, it unequivocally supports civic involvement and opposes voter apathy.