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Beginning October 4, 2017, THEMUSEUM will present two disparate yet playfully connected photography-based exhibitions that aim to provoke dialogue about our connections with technology, digital media, and ultimately, each other.

The exhibition, Model Citizens, will feature Awkward Family Photos, the viral Internet sensation that presents portraits of idyllic yet idiosyncratic family life. The companion exhibition, Whose Reality Is It? consists of a series of photographs by local photographer Joan Sanger which present a critical and comedic perspective on the cultural implications that our digital devices have on society.

Physically connecting the exhibitions, on the fourth level of THEMUSEUM, is THERECROOM. THERECROOM, a playful replica of a family recreation room from the 1980s modelled after images from the Awkward Family Photos’ collection, will provide an immersive experience to visitors. The space will be programmed with various activities and events for children and families during the day and weekends and for adults at night, encouraging guests to disengage with technology and instead engage with one another.

Model Citizens will kick-off in THERECROOM with a +19 throwback party on Wednesday, October 4 from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The night will be presented by TOQUE Magazine, the Beat and Dave Rocks, with beer provided by Royal City Brewing Co. The licenced event will feature board games, ping pong, Air Hockey, Crokinole and couches for people to sit and chat.