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THEMUSEUM Community Stage: #TryDTK Part II, Pumpkin Treats

How many local businesses have you tried? Our staff have started a mission to visit as many of THEMUSEUM’s neighbors as we can! This week, we treated ourselves to some pumpkin-flavoured goodies. After all, local businesses are the ones helping to spread the #DTKLove and make the core #DTKAwesome, right? Previously: Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Mercury Café (@MercuryCafeKW)

Are you craving pumpkin spice flavours, but don’t want to drown in decorations that are 50 shades of orange? Looking for some sweet fall treats without battling your way through construction? Then look no further, because Mercury Café has got you covered! And no, I’m not just making up a perfect-sounding, fantastical restaurant. This joint just opened up at the end of August, and has been dishing out amazing, local food ever since. If you work in the downtown core, you just need to travel the short walk over to the corner of Ontario and Duke Streets to enjoy this gem.

Everything here is delicious and I recommend eating it all. On my most recent visit I was gung ho on getting some baked goods (which are all homemade in house). I was torn between trying a classic pumpkin flavoured loaf, and a delicious looking apple streusel muffin. The decision was easy, though: get both, along with a double Americano.

The muffin was so delicious it was gone before anyone else in the office even knew I had one. You know an apple streusel muffin is legit when it’s packed with chunks of apples (from our neighbours, Legacy Greens), and topped off with a slightly crunchy, oatmeal blend of goodness. These two combined with a moist, cakey filling made for one great muffin. You could taste the freshness, which makes it clear that they’re not joking about quality foods.

The pumpkin loaf was also bursting with flavour, but not so much that it was unbearable. Balancing flavours is key, and this loaf was on point. It was delicious and dense, which made it a great afternoon snack. The pumpkin seeds on top tasted real (whatever that means), and gave the loaf a nice, authentic touch. Plus, it came wrapped in simple cling-wrap, so I totally could have lied and said I made it myself (as if I could ever bake something so delicious).

If you haven’t been to Mercury Café yet, go. If the tasty food doesn’t convince you to, then the friendly staff will.

By: Lizz DiCesare, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Kitchener Market (300 King Street East, Kitchener)

Pumpkin pies. Pumpkin scones. Pumpkin cookies. Pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin soap. Just plain ol’ pumpkins. You name it, the Kitchener Market is packing it this fall. We explored the downtown space for all things coined “basic” (where did that word come from anyway? Don’t give people guff for taking selfies by a corn field or whatever), that you can eat, drink and tweet about.

The Highlights

Norris Bakery – that’s all you need to know. The market can be overwhelming, I get it, but if you make a bee-line for Norris (indoor, second vendor row on the left) you’ll be quickly calmed by sweet, sweet, old-school pastry styles. Don’t skip out on the pumpkin scones, and even more pressing, don’t you dare skip out on the pumpkin pie.

If you aren’t feeling gluttonous enough, wander to the back corner to find Nougat’s booth. Simply put, no one rocks a pumpkin cheesecake like Nougat. Buy the delicacy by the slice, or impress your family and grab an entire cake.

Bonus Points

The Yeti is across the street. If you haven’t been to the eclectic hole-in-the-wall, now is the time to head over for a hilariously named sandwich (we recommend the pregnant cowgirl) and a pumpkin spice latte like no other; The Yeti boasts house-made, roasted pumpkin beverage syrup.


Make it a date so that you and your partner aren’t instagraming photos of pumpkin pie alone. Your mission: buy all the groceries for the meal you’ll cook together that night then bask in the local spoils while eating pumpkin treats and people watching. I recommend the semi-private tables on the second story catwalk. The last table is mine, don’t take it.

On your way out, snap a new Facebook profile picture by a wall of burgundy mums, or in front of a towering pile of pumpkins. You’re not basic, you’re just supporting your local food market, or something.

By: Allison Leonard, Brand, Communications & Digital Media Manager