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FLOW | The Menstruation Exhibition

Healthy Conversation, Period.

Dates: March 6 – May 28, 2019

Join THEMUSEUM in discovering, discussing, and destigmatizing the natural process of menstruation through dialogue, art and a healthy dose of reality. In partnership with Diva International Inc., maker of the DivaCup, a global company headquartered in Waterloo Region who have revolutionized the menstrual care industry, we’re ready to showcase all things FLOW. Yours and ours.

FLOW | The Menstruation Exhibition is a collection of installations that tackles the taboo topic of monthly bleeding and reproductive health in a setting that removes the unnecessary shame from this important discussion. By destigmatizing the conversation surrounding an integral part of many people’s lives, FLOW will educate, create connections and transform perceptions. 

Curated by Virginia Eichhorn, FLOW features a variety of artistic media including installation, performance, dance, paint and embroidery. With menstruation as muse, the artists have challenged themselves to create pieces that are reflective and address ideas and attitudes that relate to contemporary society. It’s all about menstruation beginning this March at THEMUSEUM.

FLOW | The Menstruation Exhibition is included with the price of admission.

The Artists

Exhibition design created by Andrea Deering, Kitchener-Waterloo based Graphic Designer & Visual Artist.
Olivia Carvalho
Tavia Christina
Ann Marie Hadcock
Meg Harder
Joel Richardson
Carolyn Riddell
Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez
Pearl Van Geest