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Coming June 2024

GIRAFFE | A Heightened Experience

Opening at THEMUSEUM in June 2024

In the 1950s, pioneering Canadian zoologist Anne Innis Dagg became the first Western scientist to study giraffes in the wild. As a young woman travelling alone to South Africa in the 1950s, Anne faced numerous challenges and adversity in completing her work, but through her passion and dedication to the pursuit of understanding these magnificent animals, she persevered. Her research has provided the foundation for 7 decades of “Giraffology,” bringing new understanding to the behaviour and morphology of giraffes and the threats that the species faces, particularly humanity’s growth and subsequent irreversible damage to the environment.  

In GIRAFFE | A Heightened Experience, along with learning Anne’s story, visitors will get up close and personal with this mysterious, intriguing, unique animal. Featuring artifacts and original video footage from Anne’s life and studies in South Africa, fascinating facts and interactive exhibits about giraffes, immersive displays and environments, wildlife photography by Ana Carolina Esteves Dias, and VR experiences, visitors of all ages will find inspiration, hope, and play in this brand-new exhibition!

About Dr. Anne Innis Dagg

Dr. Anne Innis Dagg is a zoologist, biologist, animal rights activist, feminist, teacher, and mother of three who received worldwide recognition as the first western scientist to study giraffes in the wild in 1956. She was appointed to the Order of Canada, and in 2020 fulfilled her lifelong wish and established the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation with a mission to promote the harmonious coexistence of humans and wildlife through the integration of conservation and education.

About The Anne Innis Dagg Foundation

Established in 2020, the Anne Innis Dagg (AID) Foundation provides support to organizations and individuals that protect the survival of Dr. Dagg’s beloved giraffe. From Tanzanian classrooms to Kenyan conservancies, the AID Foundation directs funding to programs that support marginalized voices in science and education and align with Anne’s lifelong principle that people, animals and their surroundings deserve mutual respect.

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