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A Special Message from THEMUSEUM CEO about our Vaccination Policy

Beginning Monday, March 14, 2022:

  • Vaccine Passports will only be required on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • From time-to-time certain events that involve other groups may also require passports – those will be clearly labeled
  • Screening Questions will remain in place
  • Physical distancing will be encouraged
  • Masks will be mandatory to visit THEMUSEUM and its exhibition The Rolling Stones UNZIPPED  
  • Capacity will be limited to less than 50%

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The Ontario government has now lifted the requirement for vaccine passports to be presented for attendance at ticketed events leaving the decision up to individual businesses, organizations, and not-for-profits.

This has created a series of communications from those who wish to visit our space without being vaccinated. We have also heard from our members and other supporters who wish for the passports to remain in place to minimize the risk COVID presents. A third group is our Volunteers and team who work here. They too strongly want the passports to remain in place.

Unfortunately, this is happening in the middle of our run of The Rolling Stones | UNZIPPED. The exhibition has been well received and attendance is increasing but at 50% capacity.

The government’s position puts the decision of safety on me. Taking everything into consideration while firmly believing safety trumps everything THEMUSEUM will continue with its policy requiring proof of a minimum of two vaccinations to enter the building. Our vaccine passports policy will be reviewed again after UNZIPPED.

I know this decision will not be seen in a positive light by some, but it will ensure the best possibility for safety for many more.


David Marskell