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A personal update from CEO, David Marskell

Dear friends,

As THEMUSEUM ends its business year in two weeks I wanted to send this personal appeal to you. It has been a tough couple of years financially for THEMUSEUM. We have taken risks for the community without a safety net and the payback hasn’t always been there. During this fiscal, we have had to cut 20% from our budget which has meant the consolidation of five jobs.

Museum staff have worked hard, however, during the last twelve months to attract and present relevant programming. From Yoko Ono to Dinosaurs to Avatar to Treasures of China and Bob Marley we have done our best to meet our Vision which is: To Awe, Inspire & Enlighten our Community.

Each year we begin at zero and must raise 100% of our funds to operate through gate, membership and rental income as well as donations. It appears with all of the hard work we will fall short of our $2,400,000.00 budget by $10,000.00. Considering the challenges we face, this is actually outstanding as we are just $10,000.00 from posting an operating surplus, which would be a first.

We need your help and we need it this week. If each member gives a minimum of $30.00 today we would get to our goal.

Please help us. Please make a donation online right now. Your investment in THEMUSEUM is an investment in students, families, the downtown and tourism, meaning we all benefit.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Marskell