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Heat Lamp Burger or Fresh Exhibits? You Decide!

A McDonald’s ad has reaffirmed just how valuable THEMUSEUM and other cultural organizations are to the community. It has also prompted THEMUSEUM to extend an offer to the restaurant chain.

The 15-second spot features a woman playing the role of a museum guide. “There were dinosaurs and then there weren’t,” she says, “OK, then exit through the gift shop”. The franchise then suggests that $5.00 is better spent at one of their chains than at a cultural institution.

While a calorie-laden diabetes inducing kid’s meal is $5.00 (plus tax… and only at participating restaurants), THEMUSEUM confidently offers far better value for money!

Admission on Wednesdays is currently only five bucks, with four floors of innovation, interactive displays and exhibits to experience! As further food for thought, THEMUSEUM also features two world-class exhibitions, special programming, a MakerSpace, a dialogue series, educational programming and MAD Thursdays. 

Stirred by the remarks pertaining to his now-extinct species, Maverick, our resident T-Rex, said: “On behalf of THEMUSEUM, we would like to give McDonald’s 5,000 free children’s passes in exchange for $5,000. It certainly beats the plastic toy they take home now.”

While Maverick enjoys the occasional Brontosaurus Burger, THEMUSEUM patrons are partial to B@THEMUSEUM, a local restaurant which is re-opening today at 11:00 AM following a burst pipe on Sunday. 

We ask that before our supporters exit (and not through the gift shop – although there’s some really cool stuff in there) they take a moment to vote. Would they rather spend their money on a Big Mac or on a cultural experience? Or, as we see it: 500+ calories vs. learning, growth and development.