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The Brain Dialogues: The Neuroscience of Groove

A Free Night at THEMUSEUM Discussing The Brain’s Relation to Music

Kitchener, Ontario

The fourth instalment in the Brain Dialogue Series is all about music, as THEMUSEUM welcomes Dr. Gabe Nespoli on Wednesday, February 6th.

Music has a long history that is richly associated with movement. Mothers sing while rocking their infants, marching bands step together while they play, and concert-goers bop and sway with the music and one-another. Music can even create a desire to move that is often irresistible. This quality of music—*groove*—makes listening both enjoyable and motivating. What is it about music that makes us want to move? What happens in the brain when we feel the urge tap our feet?

Dr. Gabe Nespoli received his Ph.D. from Ryerson University in 2018, studying neuroscience, music, and groove. Join THEMUSEUM for the final dialogue highlighting The Brain. The evening is free, with a suggested donation of $7.