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April 23, 2024
SOLD OUT – Time To Bloom | An Immersive Yoga Experience: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
April 23, 2024
SOLD OUT – Time To Bloom | An Immersive Yoga Experience: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Marskell Responds to Criticism Over Plan to Install an Open-Air Atrium

Following significant backlash from local stakeholders, THEMUSEUM CEO, David Marskell, is defending plans to remove the building’s roof to create an open-air atrium.

“The open-air atrium would provide natural HVAC saving costly energy and allow us to replace the main floor with real grass. Rainwater could be repurposed for an indoor garden, and we could sell the vegetables to help pay for exhibitions. The demand for outdoor weddings and picnics would also drive much needed rental revenue to help sustain us.” …Marskell said.

“Sometimes it is so frustrating at the lack of vision in this community. Our plan to install a retractable style roof above the atrium has so many benefits, it is innovative and something you would find in forward thinking cities, and it is funded by a federal grant program”.

“Just imagine it is your special day, your wedding day, or Sunday School picnic and you want to enjoy the summer sun but suddenly it begins to rain…well, at the push of a button the party continues, and the roof would close. For a few extra dollars we could even cut an image of the couple into the natural grass.”

Kitchener’s Mayor Berry Vrbanovic called the idea “interesting”. “I see pluses and minuses of a project such as this and it is good to see, should the project go ahead, that it is funded by another level of government” …he said.

Calling the plan’s critics “mean spirited,” Marskell added “I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Goudie would love the idea with so many wonderful benefits, like showing children creative ways to interact with the environment. There could be a petting zoo with goats to save using gas lawn mowers and the rainwater could be collected and sold in 20% recycled bottles for those who want “A Taste From Heaven.”

“From a marketing perspective, I bet the Goudies, if alive, would wish they had of thought of this, as the sweet smell of their famous sticky buns would waft down King Street bringing more people to their store!”… said Marskell.

For those who do not know Goudies – pronounced Goudies – was a large department store at King and Queen in the heart of Waterloo Region.

“The ideas are endless; we could even have snowman building competitions in the winter.” …Marskell enthused.

The new attraction will be in place for the official opening on April 1, 2024, and Marskell is hoping for sunshine.