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Arena | The Hockey Exhibit

ARENA | The Hockey Exhibition is an original collection of objects, memorabilia, displays and art that explore our enduring fascination with “Canada’s game.”  Visitors will rediscover their love of hockey; the same sport woven into the cultural fabric of the Canadian identity. ARENA is for those who are just learning to tie their skates and for those who still remember the legends of decades past.

The History of Hockey gives the timeline of the game and evolution of the equipment.  Learn how the NHL came to be and about hockey’s local roots.  The legendary moments and memorabilia from favourite players and teams including the birth of the Leafs and the 40th Anniversary of the Canada-Russia Summit, are sure to stir up memories in and out of the arena.

Immersive interactive installations will challenge your ability to play the game – test your skills, record your own play-by-play, and be immersed in the high-action intensity of the game.

ARENA also explores The Art of Hockey and includes works in diverse media such as video, installation, sculpture, painting and printmaking, including an Andy Warhol portrait of Wayne Gretzky
Hockey is Canada’s game.  Generations of fans have grown up with the memories of watching early morning games in cold arenas and celebrating the Saturday night hockey ritual in a crowded basement.  Hockey has a unifying effect for Canadians, and ARENA | The Hockey Exhibition does just that – it brings Canadians together to rediscover their love of Canada’s pastime.

Game on. 

View a tour of the full exhibition here!

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