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Decoding E-Money

May 19, 2018 – September 3, 2018

Discover the emerging world of Bitcoin!

Follow your dollar through the economy: From purchase to deposit using traditional and e-payment systems. Interact with e-money displays on the high-tech intricacies of web-based currencies. Explore more than 60 artifacts from the past 200 years that challenged notions of acceptance much the way that Bitcoin challenges us today.



Decoding E-money is a traveling exhibition by the Bank of Canada Museum.


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Did you know financial literacy curriculum is recognized by The Ministry of Education in Ontario?

The Decoding E-Money exhibition explores the past, present and future of electronic money and electronic payment systems. While raising awareness of e-money, this exhibition also helps students understand the possible effects of the widespread use of one form of e-money: digital currency.

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Education Programs:

Playing with Interest
This interactive board game will give your students the chance to explore payment methods and consider their inherent advantages and disadvantages. Students will learn about financial literacy, math, and career and life planning. 
Grades 7-12 | $7.00 per student

Code Runners
This game explores the processes and technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It will underline a number of key aspects of the cryptocurrency process, explain the basics of how a block chain works, and how new cryptocurrency is created. 
Grades 10-12 | $7.00 per student

Show Me the Money!
May 28, 2018 | Full-Day Program

End the school year right and provide your students with an interactive and hands-on day where they will gain valuable skills in financial literacy. Students will explore the Decoding E-Money exhibition, participate in immersive games and learn from industry experts about personal finance. 
Grades 9-12 | $12.00 per student

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