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What do you think Waterloo Region might look like 50 years from now? From LRT to increased housing developments, expanding arts and cultural to local startups, our Tri-City area is constantly changing. Fast Forward Waterloo Region is an art exhibition that has been curated by a group of twenty artists from across Waterloo Region who call themselves Collective Identity.

Allie Brenner – Imprint/Index
Amy Ferrari – Grow House Groove & Double Door Power Play
Amy Roger (Co-Curator) – Crossing Guards & Honk as You Drive By
Barbara Di Renzo – Growth
Brian Douglas – Press-Line Print
Carl Hiebert and Deb Cripps – Boundaries Within Sustainable Transformation
Desi Lichty (Committee Member) – Past to Future
Dominique Cinq-Mars Delay – Vivienne: Beautiful Stranger & Violette: Lumberjack’s Daughter
Ed Schleimer – Warhol & Luv is Never Conceited
Heather Franklin – Bus Series 2015
InterArts Matrix – Generation to Generation
James Nye – Sentinel & Come to Rest
Jane van Pelt – Country Thanksgiving & Going to Market
Jax Rula – A Grand Fabrication: Truth, Tales and Art of a Heritage River
Joe Martz – Kaleidoscope
Jennifer Gough (Committee Member) –  Of One Mind
Kirk Zurell – Amy’s Garden
Laura Snider – Phone
l.t. Doherty – Snow
Lyndon Horsfall and Duncan Finnigan – 12 Angry Filmmakers Short Films
Nicole Battista – Button Factory & Stone Soup
Ralf Wall (Committee Member) – Perseverance of Will & Cities in Dust
Robert Linsley – Sphere #1, Sphere #6 & The Crossing
Samantha Estoesta – Water: In 4 Movements
Shaun McFee (Committee Member) – Union, Woman at Dusk & We Travel Differently
Terre Chartrand (Artistic Director & Co-Curator)


This art show displays various media of art – such as paintings, sculptures, performances and more – that will depict what the culture of Waterloo Region might look like 50 years from now. Themes portrayed in the artwork include: transit, urbanity and landscape, food and food security, and cultures and multiculturalism. As you walk through this art exhibition, imagine yourself 50 years from now: what do you see?

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