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Fast Forward Waterloo Region

What do you think Waterloo Region might look like 50 years from now? From LRT to increased housing developments, expanding arts and cultural to local startups, our Tri-City area is constantly changing. Fast Forward Waterloo Region is an art exhibition that has been curated by a group of twenty artists from across Waterloo Region who call themselves Collective Identity.

Allie Brenner – Imprint/Index
Amy Ferrari – Grow House Groove & Double Door Power Play
Amy Roger (Co-Curator) – Crossing Guards & Honk as You Drive By
Barbara Di Renzo – Growth
Brian Douglas – Press-Line Print
Carl Hiebert and Deb Cripps – Boundaries Within Sustainable Transformation
Desi Lichty (Committee Member) – Past to Future
Dominique Cinq-Mars Delay – Vivienne: Beautiful Stranger & Violette: Lumberjack’s Daughter
Ed Schleimer – Warhol & Luv is Never Conceited
Heather Franklin – Bus Series 2015
InterArts Matrix – Generation to Generation
James Nye – Sentinel & Come to Rest
Jane van Pelt – Country Thanksgiving & Going to Market
Jax Rula – A Grand Fabrication: Truth, Tales and Art of a Heritage River
Joe Martz – Kaleidoscope
Jennifer Gough (Committee Member) –  Of One Mind
Kirk Zurell – Amy’s Garden
Laura Snider – Phone
l.t. Doherty – Snow
Lyndon Horsfall and Duncan Finnigan – 12 Angry Filmmakers Short Films
Nicole Battista – Button Factory & Stone Soup
Ralf Wall (Committee Member) – Perseverance of Will & Cities in Dust
Robert Linsley – Sphere #1, Sphere #6 & The Crossing
Samantha Estoesta – Water: In 4 Movements
Shaun McFee (Committee Member) – Union, Woman at Dusk & We Travel Differently
Terre Chartrand (Artistic Director & Co-Curator)


This art show displays various media of art – such as paintings, sculptures, performances and more – that will depict what the culture of Waterloo Region might look like 50 years from now. Themes portrayed in the artwork include: transit, urbanity and landscape, food and food security, and cultures and multiculturalism. As you walk through this art exhibition, imagine yourself 50 years from now: what do you see?

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